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Re: DPReview E5 Review is finally here.

I wonder how many will read

The future for Zuiko Digital lens owners might not be a reflex camera (we've had strong hints that a common live view only FT / MFT platform lies ahead), but Four Thirds isn't going away. (my emphasis)

Overall the review recognises the 'strengths' that Olympus has concentrated on

Olympus promised that the E-5 would give excellent resolution, and it does. Considering its relatively modest pixel count,at ISO the E-5 is capable of describing an extraordinary amount of detail, both in JPEG and RAW files

Even in JPEG mode, all nine lines of our chart are accurately described by the E-5 up to approximately 2600Lph, which represents excellent performance

At its lowest ISO sensitivity settings the E-5 is capable of excellent results, and resolution is very high given the sensor's pixel count. At its best, the E-5 hold its own against cameras with considerably higher pixel counts, and as you can see here, at 100%, detail capture is very high indeed

The resolution of the E-5's sensor in ideal conditions is higher than we'd expect from a camera with this sort of pixel count and, viewed at 100%, the quality of some of our samples is simply breathtaking. Something that often gets overlooked is JPEG color - Olympus has traditionally been very strong in this area, and the E-5 is no exception. Outdoor shots from the E-5 taken at default settings have a 'pop' that we really like.

I think they are saying it will take very good photographs indeed.

Yes, there are some reservations in the review, Olympus has chosen to excel in a limited set of practical areas, but the overall conclusion is that this a good camera.

We tend to read the reviews ready to bristle whenever a less than glowing comment is made, but there is a lot of positive stuff there.

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