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Re: AF issues with 50-200 on E-M1ii

Originally Posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
Maybe you're experiencing issues I had (with the 40-150 Pro +MC14) & the cross PD-AF sensing is larger than you're allowing for (being larger than indicated in the display & EVF).
Can you show us the scene (image) with what you're trying to focus on?

EDIT: You may still need to adjust Fine AF though.
Thanks Ross. I don't have immediate examples at hand, but I tried to take some shots of a distant helicopter yesterday that showed the problem pretty clearly (or not clearly, if you see what I mean!). The subject was against a clear blue sky (I know, a rarity in Blighty) ao I don't think it's AF area related. Other examples I've had have been on landscape shots with distant tress with nothing in a nearer focal plane to upset the AF. I'll take some shots later and post to show some examples.
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