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Re: Thinking of buying a 70-300mm Zuiko

Well, I just recently joined the 70-300 club. It seems like everyone has a learning curve to get to grips with this well made monster, and now I see why. Wow! The 300mm end means a lot of magnification and you require great care to get the very best shots with it.

I find slrgear lens reviews to be generally quite accurate.
They say if you want maximum sharpness you need to be stopped down 2 clicks - so thats f8 at the wide end and f11 at the 300mm end. This means its a bright day lens.

I gave it a good try out in sunshine yesterday (at a social event, I won't post the people shots here) and it certainly did the business. You can pick out head and shoulder shots from across the crowd and if you obey the f stop rules, the results are pin sharp.

So: Having said all that it beats me how I got this picture

handheld at 300mm and 1/80 second.

More 70-300 shots as I learn the ropes...

Look, I'm an old man. I shouldn't be expected to put up with this.

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