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Thinking of buying a 70-300mm Zuiko

First thread,
First of all, my apologies for registering about two months ago and then disappearing into the mists,I've had a LOT on in my work and personal life,
But here I am.

I'm thinking of getting the 70-300mm Olympus lens for my E-500 I have the standard kit lens 14-45mm that came with it as well as the 40-150mm that came with it in the twin lens set.

I've wanted one of these for a while as I like visiting Airshows and I've also recently started getting into wildlife photography as well,

I'm very 'green' as regards to photography, I'd love to get into landscape as well at some point,

I've just got back from two weeks in the Highlands of Scotland and took a number of pics which I'll try and get round to posting for your opinions folks,

But for now can anyone recommend a good place to get hold of one, I've got some on ebay under watch for about
250 plus shipping,from Kerso,Digigood etc, are these reputable sellers,anyone here bought from them ?

I've seen mention in the threads regarding CASHBACK, is that still on?
What do I have to look out for regarding if the lens is imported or not???

Phew think that's it,
Sorry for such abig first post/thread but i'd really appreciate your opinions,

Kindest regards
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