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Re: Olympus Master 2

Thanks everyone for replying....
HUGH...Great that ther's trials available for RAW.I have had a little trawl in the past and turned up lots of good stuff.

NICK..Good to know it does noise reduction as I suffer a lot from this.
The problem is as I have only ever put stuff through P/S7 I have not got the slightest idea how to get anything to happen on the OLY thingy.Tried looking at the booklet on the Master site but as i could not copy it or print off just the pages I wanted it was hopeless.I did write out a few instructions but could not get it to do anything.I have only been doing processing for 2 years but for over the 1st year I did not even know I had to sharpen images before posting them.AS I said it's probably just me.(definitely me really).

ANDY....As I cannot even get started on Master 2 then sorry this just flies right over my head.

JOHN..It seemsyou might have answered my main question - namely forget Master 2 and just do P/S 7.

As everyone knows parents cannot get Videos (DVD'S now) to work then I am like that with all things....and as Homer Simpson said on my 1st ever mouse mat.. well something like this..." the more I manage to cram into my brain the more I manage to push out the other side".

Keith...hopeless case.
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