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Re: E-M1 mystery noise (and battery life) issue

Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Just to reiterate too - I'm not being some OCD owner - straining to hear this with the camera rammed against my ear in the world's deepest cave :-) I can hear it for example when the camera is at waist level.
Don't worry, I think its just that we're trying different methods to see what we hear and in my case, the only reason I mention that I have to have it against my ear is due to the noisy computer which drowns out all known sounds (oh and the knackered hearing that was affected years ago by target shooting and minimal ear protection)!
Did you see that I edited my comments as extra info was added between writing and posting? I did get a non-focus/IBIS, non regular noise but have had difficulty replicating it but it was like something 'being moved' in the camera body and I was also having the Live View screen change to noise - that has not happened since although it did happen yesterday while trying MF.

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