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Re: E-M1 mystery noise (and battery life) issue

Hello Angus,
welcome to the forum.
I would guess from your comments that you are blessed with acute hearing. Being hard of hearing I cannot help you regarding the noises as I never hear them.

However as regards the battery, I have noticed that the battery in the E-M1 did not seem to last very long between charges during my first week of use but now that it has had a few charging cycles it is doing much better. I think this is recognised battery behaviour.

Also you mentioned that you are new to Olympus so I suspect you spent the first few days exploring the menus and trying out various settings and checking the resulting images more frequently than normal, I certainly did, so this may have increased the drain on the battery. That said I do have the impression that battery life of the E-M1 is not quite as good as the E-M5.
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