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Re: E-M1 mystery noise (and battery life) issue

Originally Posted by catkins View Post
The second sound that you seem to describe is also present with my 12-40mm Pro and is I presume the focus mechanism - it is a deeper slightly coarse noise and only happens when focusing. It is easier to be more precise when the IS is set to off.
Love this forum - thanks everyone for chipping in with helpful comments (even if some not what I want to hear! )

Chris: This is interesting but I think there is a distinct difference between what you are decribing and what I am am experiencing. In my case as I mentioned above the offending sound happens sporadically even when the lens cannot be focusing (e.g. when in single-AF without the shutter button depressed and also in MF). And it's intermittent - sometimes I can hear it at the same time as I can here the "wooosh" (fan type noise) for the IBIS, but other times it is there separately even when the IS isn't running.
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