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Re: E-M1 mystery noise (and battery life) issue

Originally Posted by Angus View Post
Hi all,

So Id be very interested to hear the comparative experiences of other owners of the E-M1 and 14-40 Pro combo....



PS: is it possible to attach an audio clip to this post?... I could record the sounds.
I think that this may be a case of how sensitive you are to the noise and to what it is being compared. I've come from the Oly E-30 and my first impressions were probably slightly similar to yours.
There is a slight whirring noise which is fairly constant when using the E-M1 and I presume that this is the Image Stabiliser at work, as this disappears when the IS is set to Off.
The second sound that you seem to describe is also present with my 12-40mm Pro and is I presume the focus mechanism - it is a deeper slightly coarse noise and only happens when focusing. It is easier to be more precise when the IS is set to off.
Both noises vary in deepness or tone depending upon where you put your ear -for the focus noise it sounds more bassy or slightly coarse when you put your ear to the rear of the camera compared to putting your ear to the lens!
Obviously, if you listen deliberately in a quiet room the sounds may be more pronounced because the camera body is acting as a very mini boombox, but if outside you should be less aware of the noises.

If you are more aware also outside or if you feel that the noise is excessive then it may be that there is a fault, but what you mention seems consistent with mine. I tried recording the sound with a reasonable sound recorder but the sound is almost indistinct, so in my camera's case I think it is just a case of allowing my ears to attune themselves to the new sounds of the E-M1. Also if you hear a squeal as the lens focuses rather than a 'dull' low noise then it is worth trying to record the sound and check with Oly support.

[Edit: I now see your update so will check
. . .
Yes, with AF off and my ear close to the camera there is a strange (in that I'm not sure what is creating it) noise. But it seems to have stopped after a little while. I noticed that when it was still making the noise the Live View image was sometimes disappearing to be replaced by a mass of noise, so I wonder if it is some of the electrics and focusing of the sensor itself - I'm not a techy so not sure of the mechanics of the sensor itself, but perhaps the mechanism that allows four thirds & micro four thirds lens to be used includes movement of the sensor? Also, have you as well as selected MF on the Super Control Panel or elsewhere also pulled the manual focus lens ring back? If so, is there still the sound? Intriguing but as said but hopefully it is just a product of the amazing technology stuffed inside the E-M1]

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