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Re: Printer advice

Canon ink is (relatively) inexpensive. I only use genuine ink as I'm wary of possible colour shifts over time with 3rd party inks - most of my printed output is sent to people who put it on their walls, so I don't want to disappoint.

Image quality from the 4700 exceeds most print shops, in my experience. Especially if you use quality paper, which does make a difference. It's certainly better than the Epson printers I used to use, and the inks just never clog the heads, unlike Epson.

However, it's probably true to say that printing at Jessops and the like is cheaper. But you just don't have the same control as doing it yourself.

Originally Posted by Crippledsandwich View Post
How often do you have to replace the ink and is it expensive, or can you buy good quality 3rd party ink at all?

How do the prints compare to say place like jesopps etc, price and print quality?

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