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RobEW 3rd May 2018 10:39 AM

E5 + lenses + unique tripod accessories for macro / telephoto
By chance I discovered this amazing collection, including some unique hand made tripod accessory items for accurate micro-adjustments (for telephoto or macro work). The seller has no idea about price / value and isn't keen on splitting at this stage - just testing the waters on EBay.


Jim Ford 3rd May 2018 03:39 PM

Re: E5 + lenses + unique tripod accessories for macro / telephoto
I would say that the asking price is excessive - probably around double what can reasonably be expected.


RobEW 3rd May 2018 05:28 PM

Re: E5 + lenses + unique tripod accessories for macro / telephoto
Yes - I messaged him to say he might do better to sell the items individually. He prefers to test the waters for someone looking for a whole set.

I think he must be ascribing a very high value to his own engineering efforts on the tripod accessories, and forgetting that the E5 and the (excellent IQ but large and slower to focus) FT lenses seem rather dated to many.

Roughly speaking, I'd guess his stuff (at EBay prices) is worth:

E5 (+ batteries etc): 400-500
50-200 SWD: 300
12-60 SWD: 250
35 macro: 80
EC-20: 150
650-1300: 200
FL50R: 150
shutter release: 20
SEKONIC L-308S light meter: 150
Polaroid Ring Flash & accessories: 20
Pan head 804RC2: 50
Dan Busch book: 10
Bresser Tripod + boom, weight bag and adjusters ????

= = =

His problem is that selling them all as one lot, he needs to find a buyer who values every single item. Most potential buyers will want just a subset. I'm not sure many people would find a 650-1300 f/8-f/16 (impressive though it sounds) to be much practical use. And if you want precision movements on a tripod, then a geared head and a cheap macro rail might suffice.

If you had 2.5k to spend on a new photography hobby and wanted Olympus and were prepared to buy used equipment you could get a much more versatile setup for the money.

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