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MJ224 17th July 2018 01:35 PM

Voting procedures...
To Quote Bikie John, "My goodness, this is going to be a hard one to choose a "winner" for!


There is always the difficult decision to be made when there are many very good submissions for the Monthly Challenge.

I am thinking that maybe we should have two or three "Likes" to make our decision easier of a 1st 2nd 3rd choice.

I have no problem doing the count, what do you think???

Two or Three Likes????????????????

Or of course just leave it as it is????????

Bikie John 17th July 2018 04:47 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
It will still be difficult! For our previous challenges we sent messages to the person running it with our 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices. Of course, this is more complicated than pressing the Like button (and starts to eat up people's email counts), and one reason for re-jigging the challenge was to simplify the whole process.

I think allowing up to 3 Likes is a reasonable compromise.


MJ224 17th July 2018 04:49 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
Unless there are significant objections we could try it out this month.

But lets hear more opinions...*chr

First past the post or Proportional representation....:confused:

Zuiko 17th July 2018 08:16 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
Why not give it a go for three Likes - we can always revert to one if it doesn't make things easier.

MJ224 17th July 2018 08:39 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
I wonder what it will do to the results?

I think probably that 1st won't be changed, but runners up will be enhanced. Or maybe it just makes decisions easier for voters....

Will wait for a day or two for more opinions.....*chr

OM USer 17th July 2018 11:26 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
I recall we had 3 votes for the post processing competition ... or was a different competition?

AMc 18th July 2018 08:35 AM

Re: Voting procedures...
As voting by like is public anyway then perhaps we could simply post a ranked list of up to 3?e.g.

1st - Poster #A
2nd - Poster #B
3rd - Poster #C

Then allocate points in order 3 points for 1st place...

Or a Like = 1 point
Thanks = 2 points?

I don't enter the competition with any expectation to win, though it would be nice to get a vote or two it doesn't really matter to me.
I don't have any problem with choosing a single image to vote for each month but if the consensus is to change to 3 likes I have no objection.

Ricoh 18th July 2018 10:23 AM

Re: Voting procedures...
Another tried and tested method, the Eurovision voting system...

And here's the bonus, the 'winner' hosts the next contest. It reminds me of Fr Ted and Fr Dougle's entry for Ireland: 'My Lovely Horse' http://fatherted.wikia.com/wiki/My_Lovely_Horse

MJ224 20th July 2018 07:38 AM

Re: Voting procedures...
Keep it Simple Stupid....(My Dad's words:))

Agree with John that we do have a working system.

But I think its worth doing a trial this month. As Bikie John noted, there are several very good entries, (every month) and it seems churlish not to give them a vote too.

I agree with Zuiko, we should give the three vote system a trial. Gives those who vote several times anyway a validity......:confused:

Again a couple of days for any volcanic objections, then I will amend the rules for Night Lights Challenge......*chr

pdk42 21st July 2018 10:53 PM

Re: Voting procedures...
Well, I dunno. We have enough members using "Thanks" instead of "Like" as it is - despite Mark repeatedly asking that only "Like" be used! If we now have the option of 1 "Like" and 3 "Thanks" and 4 "Hail Marys" (or whatever) I can see lots of confusion. My vote (no pun intended) would be simpler:

- Allow members to give as many "Likes" or "Thanks" as they like. Both count the same.

- Winner is the one with the highest tally.

That way, we can show appreciation for as may shots as we like and it's simple. If we REALLY like something we can vote for it twice by saying "Like" and "Thanks".

If we could enhance the site to allow two different levels of "Like" - e.g. "Like" and "Wow" then maybe we could simplify it, but I think this would work well enough without any changes.

JohnGG 26th July 2018 11:43 AM

Re: Voting procedures...
With the "Thanks" and "Like" buttons we could implement a 1st, 2nd & 3rd voting scheme: both "Thanks" + "Like" = 1st; just a "Thanks" = 2nd; just a "Like" = 3rd. It might give more finely nuanced results but would probably be a bit fiddly for whoever is doing the marking though.

Just a thought :confused:



MJ224 26th July 2018 04:05 PM

Re: Voting procedures...

Originally Posted by JohnGG (Post 452012)
With the "Thanks" and "Like" buttons we could implement a 1st, 2nd & 3rd voting scheme: both "Thanks" + "Like" = 1st; just a "Thanks" = 2nd; just a "Like" = 3rd. It might give more finely nuanced results but would probably be a bit fiddly for whoever is doing the marking though.

Just a thought :confused:



Thanks for your input John.

As I do the count at the mo, it does sound a bit complex, ...:confused:

But will bear it in mind for the future. I think my decision of the three "likes" will keep it simple and allow us to favour several submissions. Will try this idea this month at least as a trial......*chr

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