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Ijay37 6th December 2007 08:58 PM

Hi E-3 owners now that the shine has started to wear off what do you think of the camera as compared to the E-1 and E-510 and I would particularly like to here opinions on the 12-60 lens E-3 combination. Also compared to canon and nikon competitors, thats if you know anything about them.

PeterD 7th December 2007 11:14 AM

Re: E-3
Purchased the E3 + 12-60 lens. Also own E500 + kit lens.

Whilst I am very pleased with the E500 (my first DSLR) and its lenses I believe the upgrade has been very worthwhile.

The IS facility on the E3 is a tremendous boon both for low light and telephoto shooting. It makes the need for using a tripod less and hence save weight when lugging the equipment round. The AF is very much more sensitive than that on the E500 and consquently allows locking in lower light conditions than I could achieve before.
The live view sceen is very handy. I have yet to use it to take those impossible photos at ground level etc but it will not be long.....
The 12-60 lens is superb as the standard with a good focal range. Definately need to get another lens though as 60mm is too limiting for nature shots. Thinking of getting the 70-300mm for this. Focus times are very impressive as is the near silent operation.
Tried the old kit lens 40-150mm on the E3 and got good results.
The E3 controls take a bit of getting used to even though I have the E500. The main problem is remembering where the direct buttons are. This is only a temporary problem as I get used to the camera.
Compared to the E500, there is far more space fo my right thumb and as a result I do not accidentally press the AF and WB buttons when shooting.
The images direct from the camera and the speed of processing are also a great improvement.
Transfer speeds from the camera to the computer are extremely fast as USB 2 is implemented. The E500 uses USB1 which made me take RAW images as an exception rather than as a rule.


R MacE 7th December 2007 12:17 PM

Re: E-3

I purchased an E-3 body only to replace an E-1. I have been using the 11-22, 14-54, 50-200 and EC-1.4.

I was initially dissapointed that the E-3 isn't quite built to the same standard as the E-1. I also found it quite tricky to use due to the difference in operation. In that respect I wasn't overawed by the 'New Toy' factor.

That aside, now that I've become familiar with the operation of the E-3 I can say it's a massive improvement, the UI is very good once you become accustomed to it, most setting changes can be configured to work the way you want, the AF is very good in low light and locks very quickly although I haven't had a chance to try it for action photography yet, the IS works as long as you haven't swallowed all the hype about IS in general, in other words don't expect miracles like trying to handhold 200mm @1 second :rolleyes:

Write times are massively improved, the bigger Preview screen is nice. Not so keen on Live View, a bit clunky in my opinion but it's there if you want or need it. Certainly good for Macro.

All in all worthwhile upgrade, even more so as I'm eligable for the free Grip and backpack. It should keep me happy for the next 4 years ;)

Now what lens should I go for next :)

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