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Janet 17th December 2011 06:03 PM

Help needed - buying an eP1?
Hi guys,

I've been trying to help a friend on my canal forum decide which camera to buy as a step up from a compact.

What do you think about the eP1? He's found a twin lens one for a reasonable price at Jessops and rather likes it, and I've also made him aware that there's one for sale on this forum. I've also told him about the hire service,

I've seen several of you post photos taken with one, and have been very impressed, but try as I might, I can't find the relevant threads now! I think Snaarman posted something recently, but the search function just isn't working for me at the moment!

Am I correct in thinking that he can use other manufacturers lenses with an adapter, as I do on my e520?

I've suggested that he join this forum and ask for advice, as I'm sure he'd get a good welcome as I did when I joined, but in the meantime, if anyone can offer any advice and/or suggestions then I'd love to be able to pass it on to him.

I've recommended the eP1, purely because I'd like one myself, but I don't want to steer him in the wrong direction based on my own preferences.

I do know that he wants something reasonably simple to start with - something that can be used as a point and shoot until he gets to grips with all the different settings/lenses etc.

I've been blown away with some of the superb images posted from this camera, but never took any notice of any of the technical details as it wasn't something I was looking to buy myself, which is why I'm asking you guys.


Nick Temple-Fry 17th December 2011 06:41 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
My only reservation about the eP1 is it does not support the ability to add a vf-2 at a later date, your friend may want to think about this.


Internaut 17th December 2011 06:44 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
The E-P1 is is a perfectly fine camera and as a step up from a compact, he should enjoy it. Its only real drawback is there is no connection for an external electronic viewfinder but this may not matter to your friend if he enjoys using a compact camera. In terms of lenses, you can put pretty much anything onto a Pen, so long as you can find an adapter for it. In this respect, it's quite a bit more flexible than a Four Thirds DSLR (and the manual focusing can be easier).

As a step up from a compact, consider also the E-PL1. The build of the camera isn't as nice as that of the E-P1 but it should still made sense to a compact user, has the connector for an electronic viewfinder, a built in flash and newer version of Olympus's JPEG processing. It doesn't have the fit, finish or feel of the E-P1 but there's a little more room for growth in there.

Janet 17th December 2011 07:44 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
I'm not sure that Jerry really needs the electronic viewfinder, as he's used to using a compact, but he's joined us tonight, so he'll be able to talk through his needs and hopefully decide which camera is best for him.

He's already had a welcome....I knew you guys would help!


Jerry P 17th December 2011 08:05 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
I'm just replying to what Janets posted above, i've only ever used a compact camera before (samsung s600),so i want something thats easy to operate ,ie point n shoot ,i want it mainly for wildlife ,scenery,action shots , i live close to the "whitewater course" at the national watersports centre in Nottingham, and its a haven for both birds and canoeists/whitewater rafting ,so a telephoto lens would be very usefull.

E-P1 fan 17th December 2011 08:54 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
The E-P1 is the best built camera you'll see anywhere. But they are a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it. I love mine but would say that its sometimes hopeless outside in high sun - but great for virtually everything else - and it's the coolest looking camera I know under 300. Make sure your friend handles one before ordering online sight unseen. he might not like Marmite after all!

DerekW 17th December 2011 11:30 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
THe lack of an eyelevel viewfinder on a compact camera is one of the greatest abominations ever foisted on the public.

It can only be surpassed by supplying all users with thick mittens that they must use all the time.

Holding out a camera several inches to a foot or so in front of your face waving the object about and trying to discern the image in the reflections especially on a bright day is totally un-ergonomic (cack handed)

Better to go for an E1. The ease of use will make it attractive to use.

Pjphoto59 18th December 2011 09:32 AM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
Hi Jerry P,

Welcome here!

I have had an EP-1 for nearly 18 months now. Fantastic camera, I use it almost every day. I too belonged to the "I must have a VF" brigade, and bought the camera with the 17mm and VF1. However I have found that I use the VF less and less and working with the rear screen seems quite natural (bright sunny days apart).

So for someone like yourself coming from a compact camera, lack of a VF should not be too much of a problem.

Lack of a VF would maybe be more of a problem if you want to go for a long lens for wildlife.

Part of my pleasure in the camera is the style and the way that it is built nearest thing yet to an OM1. That matters to me but might not for you.

Zuiko 18th December 2011 10:39 AM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
Hi Janet,

There might be a bit of confusion here, you are recommending the E-P1 but Jerry has requested advice in a seperate thread on the E-PL1. Both are fantasic cameras, at first glance very similar but with some important differences.

1) The PL1 will accept an EVF (electronic viewfinder), the P1 will not.

2) Most controlls and features are accessed by buttons on the PL-1 whereas the P1 has a thumb wheel, which creates a very different handling experience. Neither is necessarily "better" than the other but in general I would say the PL1 might suit current compact users better whilst those coming from a DSLR would probably prefer the P1.

3) The PL1 has a built-in pop-up flash, the P1 doesn't. This can be more useful than you would think, especially for social and familly snaps.

4) Both are well built but the P1 is built to an even higher standard and most people agree it looks more stylish. Neither of these points has any relevance to the actual use of the camera.

My own choice would be the E-PL1. Actually, I have one which is currently on long term loan to a friend since I upgraded to an E-PL3 (I've got his Sigma 105mm macro on loan, which seems very fair to me!) The PL1 takes just as good pictures as the P3, what I have really gained is faster, slicker handling (especially in the focus department) plus a nicer screen and a few useful little extras such as touch-screen focussing and a level indicator. However, I did have to sell a lot of other photographic equipment to finance it!

Janet 18th December 2011 11:48 AM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
My mistake John...I do get confused with all these letters and numbers! Why can't they simply give them a name?????

Of course, you're right, the E-PL1 would probably be the best, and I'm pretty sure that's the one that Jerry has been looking at.


Although I wouldn't like to give up my e520, I really would like one of these!


Ulfric M Douglas 18th December 2011 11:57 AM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?

Originally Posted by Jerry P (Post 144402)
... wildlife ,scenery,action shots , i live close to the "whitewater course" at the national watersports centre in Nottingham, and its a haven for both birds and canoeists/whitewater rafting ,so a telephoto lens would be very usefull.

Get a zoom/bridge camera. Everyone loves their Panasonics for that job.
m4/3rds isn't what you're looking for in terms of price/performance on birds and canoeists.

Your friend's e520 is actually a much better bet for your needs than an e-P1, especially with the old 40-150 lens if she has one.

Jerry P 18th December 2011 01:13 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
I realise e-pl1 camera isn't everybodys cup of tea obviously,but with my VERY limited knowledge and experience of photography i feel that at present it is right for me, if i went for something more advanced and didn't like it ,the camera would stay at home and never be used , the money would have been wasted ,all the reports that iv'e read on the e-pl1 are very good , why do you think i'd be better off with a zoom/bridge camera Ulfric M Douglas ,this hasn't been mentioned before ,and now i'm even more confused .


DerekW 18th December 2011 02:25 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
Most DSLR cameras have an Auto mode that takes away the need to be "knowledgeable". I would not be surprised to find out that the majority of pictures are taken in Auto mode.

The advantage of a used higher end camera is that you get more growth potential than a similar priced new camera that does not have a decent viewfinder. Some one has mentioned wild life which ultimately implies the need for a longer focusing lens and a responsive shutter actuation. Both of these features are easily obtained with the used DSLR but not with the cameras being considered.

Janet 18th December 2011 02:42 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
I'm not ashamed to admit it...I take a lot of photos in auto mode....after all, if I've paid for the technology to do it, then why not?

I must admit I prefer to use manual controls, but when I'm cruising on a narrowboat and it's a choice between getting the shot and faffing around with settings, I stick with auto...


E-P1 fan 18th December 2011 03:05 PM

Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?
But isn't the thread called "Re: Help needed - buying an eP1?"
hence any confusion.

For the record the build quality on the E-P1L is not as good as on the original E-P1 - (as usual with Olympus the original models are over-engineered, over- spec'd) - just like the fantastic E1 was.

Roll up roll up get your quality first generation Olys and marvel at their build quality and finish *chr

I've had an E1 and an E-P1 in my time. No other Oly camera I have handled rivals either of these gems in feel finish and build excellence IMHO

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