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Bikie John 10th October 2018 04:02 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
I've never really thought about using P mode. Aperture priority does the job for sports - generally I want minimum depth of field and fast shutter speed so lens wide open and A mode does the job. And for stage work, the lighting will fool any auto exposure measurement so I set it all manually and accept the occasional cock-up.

But this article is quite thought-provoking. And having had a look and seen how easy it is to use program shift, this looks like a good option for general-purpose work. Now all I have to do is remember to try it!


Olybirder 10th October 2018 04:44 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
Like Bikie John I hadn't even thought about using P Mode. I was led to believe that 'real photographers' don't use it, so I restricted myself to A and S modes. It hasn't worked, though as I am still not a 'real photographer'. :) I also have to admit that I have never used video mode or art filters. I suppose they are on my camera somewhere. Perhaps I should be a bit more adventurous and see what other technological delights are buried deep inside my highly advanced and expensive piece of equipment.


Phill D 11th October 2018 07:34 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
I'm in camp 1 too Paul with the vast majority in A mode. However, I do intend to try P mode out, that's when I remember to do it that is. I was out all day yesterday and forgot :o

MJ224 11th October 2018 08:53 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
Always used to use P mode with my little EPL-5. Works well in "general" conditions whatever they are. But mainly use Aperture Priority now, and quite often the manual for BIF etc. With Wildlife photos, I do need the aperture to be as wide open as possible to allow for faster shutter speeds....

But on the very odd occasions I have used AUTO, it certainly sorts out the flash when needed...

RobEW 13th November 2018 04:03 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
All 4 of those modes (A, S, P & M) give the same control, but in different ways they make some adjustments easier than others.

You can imagine it as an experiment with 4 variables (aperture, shutter speed, ISO and exposure level). Let's call them vA, vS, vI and vE. Depending on the mode chosen, some of these variables are manipulated purposefully and easily, others can be manipulated less directly, and others are merely observed derivatives.

In A mode, vA and vE are directly controlled by dials, vI is either an observed outcome (in ISO auto mode) or is controlled indirectly (e.g. by lever and dial) and vS is an observed outcome.

In S mode, vS and vE are directly controlled by dials, vI is either an observed outcome (in ISO auto mode) or is controlled indirectly (e.g. by level and dial) and vA is an observed outcome.

In M mode, vA and vS are directly controlled by dials, vI either varies or is controlled indirectly (e.g. by lever and dial) and vE is an observed outcome.

In P mode, vE is directly controlled by a dial, the other dial allows you to control vA or vS and observe the other, and vI is either an observed outcome (in ISO auto mode) or is controlled indirectly (e.g. by lever and dial).

There is no I mode (where ISO would be on the front dial)... perhaps a hangover from the days when a roll of film had a fixed ASA so you couldn't vary it very dynamically.

All these four modes give you full control (if you don't have ISO auto); the only real difference is in which variable is easier to control.

The idea sometimes floated around that you aren't a grown-up / competent /
fully-fledged photographer unless you use M seems a bit fatuous to me.

steverh 13th November 2018 06:14 PM

Re: Using the P mode?

Originally Posted by drmarkf (Post 459721)
Parr's excellent - President of Magnum and a great supporter of young photographers. I heard him speak at that Sony awards: he'd received the Lifetime Award or some such.

Very entertaining and droll presentation with lots of images, then he invited questions at the end. Some nerdy type put his hand up: "Can you talk about the equipment you use and the camera settings?".

"Sure" said MP "I stick it on 'P' and just blast away. It's about telling stories, you know".

Right on, baby.

(MP is appearing everywhere these days: he's the acceptable face of street photography for people who don't like street photography, and I suspect we might now have reached Peak Parr)

He has established The Martin Parr Foundation just down the road from me in Bristol: https://www.martinparrfoundation.org/

It aims to support and encourage British and Irish contemporary photographers. He funded it from the sale of part of his collection of books and images made over many years. Most of the rest is in the library there. A membership scheme has been started (as of yesterday) and I've joined to support what he is doing. One of the good guys.

I will be down there tomorrow to look at the current exhibition, In Your Face https://www.martinparrfoundation.org.../in-your-face/ Not sure it will be my taste but we'll see...

By the way, he has done many of the BBC1 "idents" - https://www.martinparr.com/bbc-one-idents/

Phill D 14th November 2018 11:42 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
It would be good if you could post your impressions of the exhibition Steve.

steverh 14th November 2018 06:11 PM

Re: Using the P mode?

Originally Posted by Phill D (Post 462707)
It would be good if you could post your impressions of the exhibition Steve.

This link https://www.martinparrfoundation.org.../in-your-face/ will give you a good idea. All shot by Paul Trevor with a standard lens very close to the subject, on black and white film (probably Tri-X). Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but always interesting. One half was taken in Brick Lane in East London, the other in the City only a mile or so away but a different world as depicted in the early 1990's.

Had an interesting chat about the prints with the chap in the gallery. They are all A0(?) inkjet prints made with pigment inks, printed in their "darkroom". The quality is superb. All Parr's prints are made that way. The projected lifespan is 120 years.

It was an expensive trip as I looked at the new Don McCullin book, The Landscape. Superb images as you would expect and they had a few signed copies, which apparently are very rare. He gave a talk there recently that I couldn't get to. Early Christmas present to myself!

Looking forward to a rummage in the library there in due course.

Internaut 3rd December 2018 11:47 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
Thanks. Will give it a try on today’s wonder. I don’t think P mode was helped by Ken Rockwell (he insisted on calling it PROFFESIONAL MODE) who probably put people off trying.

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