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Promethius 4th November 2018 03:06 PM

A lot of people here complain about the continuous autofocus of the OMD-EM5 Mk2, but I wonder if they have tried to do anything about it.

This is what DPR had to say -I set mine like this when new, so cannot really make a judgement, other than that it seems to work well.

'Autofocus tracking is really very impressive. With most of the system's lenses, the camera will comfortably track the subject around the scene. It will sometimes get distracted by other subjects but usually finds the correct subject again pretty quickly. Its consistency is increased even further if you use the camera's face detection.

Two key things to note, to get the best performance from the camera's continuous AF. The first is a reminder that the camera won't continuous autofocus when set to maximum (10fps) shooting speed, so you have to use Continuous L mode to get the benefit of its AF capability.

More problematically, the default 'release priority' setting for C-AF mode results in a high number of missed shots. Disengaging this setting (Menu/Custom Menu/C/Rls Priority C) will greatly improve the camera's hit-rate without having too much of an impact on frame rate.

With this setting changed, we were able to achieve an impressively high level of images well focused on the correct subject at a frame rate of around 4fps.

A local Micro Four Thirds shooter (with whom we collaborated to create a video about the E-M5 II) measured his hit rate at >75% in-focus images, from the 1000+ images he shot of roller derby. Our experiences have been consistent with this.'

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