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DTD 6th June 2008 07:28 PM

Go and see my film
Not quite the premiere of Indiana Jones but…

My little film 'Duppies'* which was part of me photography exhibition, is getting shown on the big BBC screen in Exchange Square, Manchester.

It runs from tomorrow for 1 week details at:


It's also showing from Monday in Chester as part of the Chester Performs Screen Deva Shorts festival:


Should you wish to see it from the comfort of your own armchair, it's on-line at my slightly updated website:


Anyroadup, it was made using Olympus cameras.

I thank you.

* Duppies is a West Indian word for ghost if you weren't brought up in Old Trafford.

theMusicMan 6th June 2008 09:57 PM

Re: Go and see my film

I must say that this is a wonderful 3 mins 19 seconds of video, and I congratulate you an an excellent production. Super stuff... I very much enjoyed watching it... but especially listening to it.

However... who could expect me, especially with my user name and my www site, not to comment on what I consider to be a simply excellent backing track of music. Sounds to me as though this is a combination - in the first part, of excellent synth and electronica effects, with an awesome deep bass note to start and set the atmosphere and ambiance. There are some lovely synth strings that very soon come into play - but I have to say to cap it all... there are some simply stunning brass effects there DTD.

The music sounds to me as though it is actually brass instruments, though if it is not brass, knowing that being able to reproduce brass on a synth is extremely difficult and nay on impossible (I will gladly explain more if anyone wishes to know why this is the case), the brass effects and chords about 1 min from the end are just sublime.

Apart from some mis-mixing clips, musically I do hear what I consider to be gorgeous cadences, a lovely minor key, there's some wonderful scoring, and some absolutely stunning Maj7th chords (these are simply some of the best chords - and again I am happy to explain why I am of this opinion in a separate thread if required). I think I also hear some 11ths and 9ths there too.

Minimalistic, mood creating, ambient chord-scape work at its best DTD... please tell me more about who, how and why this music was created. Apologies that my reply is music related - but this series of chords and sounds has moved me deeply. Thank you.


JohnGG 6th June 2008 10:13 PM

Re: Go and see my film
What John said, really. Powerful piece of music and some very strong images. Great stuff *yes



DTD 6th June 2008 10:29 PM

Re: Go and see my film
Well thank you very much – I'm very pleased and blush to read both your comments.

I did the music myself – but before making any claims on competence (my one and only bit of training was playing the tenor horn in the school brass band nearly 30 years ago) – I put it together using loops in Apple's GarageBand. So the brass sounds were samples of brass instruments playing. A few of the sound effects are from Apple iMovie (which I used to put the movie together). So it was very much assembling rather than composing.

Zuiko 6th June 2008 11:23 PM

Re: Go and see my film
We've got some talent on this site! A truely excellent production, both images and music. You must be proud of this one, David!

John *chr

knikki 7th June 2008 08:46 AM

Re: Go and see my film
I first saw this at the Salford Musem exhibition that DTD (aka Dave the Grave :p), saw it and like it but did not watch it to closley as there were a few people milling about.

But now I have sat in the comfort of my armchair and watched it, all I can say is WOW!, really suited the exhibition Mento Memori and even as a stand alone piece works really well.

Nice one DTD *chr *clap

DTD 12th June 2008 06:07 AM

Re: Go and see my film
Suspisious goings on in Exchange Square are investigated… ;-)


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