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E-P1 fan 27th June 2010 08:43 PM

I'm very attracted by the E-PL1. I'd really appreciate some user opinions from lucky owners on the forum. I'd want a body only and would want to use my existing 4/3rds lenses so would need the adapter.

Any hidden pitfalls? I'd rather read a user review than a paid review or advertising brochure.


Andrew Riddell 27th June 2010 08:48 PM

Re: Opinions?
I have the E-P2, and I think you'd probably benefit from having the VF-2 to use with standard FT lenses. It's an extra for the E-PL1, but you might like to check prices for the E-P2 with it, and the differences between the two bodies might well be worthwhile for you.


Nick Temple-Fry 28th June 2010 12:08 AM

Re: Opinions?

Originally Posted by E-1 fan (Post 77704)
I'm very attracted by the E-PL1. I'd really appreciate some user opinions from lucky owners on the forum. I'd want a body only and would want to use my existing 4/3rds lenses so would need the adapter.

Any hidden pitfalls? I'd rather read a user review than a paid review or advertising brochure.


Hidden pitfalls - well the price, it still isn't cheap.

I too would recommend the vf-2, though the screen is quite good there are still some limitations on a bright day and I generally prefer an eye level viewfinder. This may well be influenced by the fact I am a glasses wearer.

Personally I don't have an issue with the lack of control wheels, it's easy enough to use the buttons, though perhaps marginally slower. But your thumb soon gets used to finding the buttons.

It really depends on what sort of photography you want to do with it, I'd hesitate to recomend it for action photography.

There are some good threads on the E-PL1 on FTU, Robert Watcher has posted some interesting stuff.

There are quite a lot of options to customise button use, easy enough to adapt the camera to your preferences.

Not really much help


Dogcow 28th June 2010 05:22 AM

Re: Opinions?
I had the same quest a few weeks ago, and was able get all the Pen camera's side by side in my hands. And based on the handling of the camera I decided not to go with the E-PL1.
The E-P2 was over my budget, although I did like the VF-2 very much, so I settled with the E-P1. As a bonus the E-P1 was in a clearance sale with my regular camera dealer, so 'resistance was futile' and I bought one.

After all I am very pleased with the results of this camera. I think the quality of the shots is on par with my E-3 and the MMF-1 adapter works quite well.

And although I had to get used to looking at the rear LCD and not trough a viewfinder, I am beginning to like this camera very much.

The Saint 28th June 2010 12:26 PM

Re: Opinions?
Well I've had my E-PL1 since March now and I absolutely love it!

It really depends what you are looking for in a camera as to whether it will suit your needs. Personally I was finding the E3 too big for everyday use and wanted a pocket camera with the quality of the E3, which the E-PL1 definately satisfies.

The E-PL1 is not suited to action photography in the same way as an SLR, this is not to say you can't capture action, but it's not quite as easy.

Not having a wheel is a little troublesome to start with, but think how often you need to change settings and when a few milliseconds longer will make a difference (outside action photography probably not a major issue).

I've recently purchased a VF-2, as in bright sunlight the LCD screen does wash out, but would I have bought a P-2 if I had know that first? No, as the onboard flash which also acts as the RC for the FL36R/50R is a big advantage for me and price wish it's probably not cost me more.

I see your looking for a body only and will use your existing ZD lenses. I have found the ZD with the adaptor to be quite a bit slower to get focus lock, which is not a problem for landscapes and portiates, but again not so good for action. Considering that when you buy a lens with the body you get it at a reduced cost it might be worth considering, depending on your specific needs.


E-P1 fan 29th June 2010 03:04 PM

Re: Opinions?
Thank you for your posts - they are much appreciated.

I love my E-1 but have in reality found that my G9 has become my camera of choice for most outdoor situations - except action shots. The loss in image quality (for most shots anyway) is liveable with and the convenience of the G9 tends to usually win over the lovely, but bulky, E-1.

As a PEN owner/lover of old - I'm sold on anything PEN before even looking at it so when I hear it might be possible to keep my E-1 for 'studio' and sports shots and use a PEN with my 4/3rds lenses for ultra convenience, ease of carrying etc - and also get better image quality than the G9 (which I would also keep btw) - I'm more than interested.

Can anyone link me to a comparative review of the 3 PENs - if such exists?
Alternatively any particularly good reviews (as judged by owners) would be valued.


blu-by-u 3rd July 2010 04:36 AM

Re: Opinions?
I finally got that E-PL1. Over here they package the E-PL1 with the 14-42, MMF-2 and the 40-150. (The later is a 4/3 lens) I find the high ISO images looks better than the E-30. But if you are in action low lights, this is not the camera for you. The current lenses are not really that bright unless you couple it with the 4/3 lenses but then it's like really huge lens on a "missing" body.

So far it's been fun playing with it. No serious stuff yet.

Oh yes, Why the E-PL1..it's the newest and the cheapest of the lot, 2 extra Art Filters. the best of all, the built in flash and wireless flash support. I think if you can wait, they may add the IR (RM1 and RM2) support in the next addition.

E-P1 fan 12th July 2010 12:54 PM

Re: Opinions?
So generally all pretty favourable. *chr

Any Oly dslr owners also have a PEN - and does it take over as weapon of first choice in many situations?

photo_owl 12th July 2010 02:01 PM

Re: Opinions?

Originally Posted by E-1 fan (Post 79143)
So generally all pretty favourable. *chr

Any Oly dslr owners also have a PEN - and does it take over as weapon of first choice in many situations?

I've been using an E-P1 for a couple of weeks and find the following -

1. video is a new, pleasing, element that enables me to capture some elements of trips etc that I wouldn't otherwise. The control etc makes this fun -as does using a 500mm mirror lens or 50-200 *chr

2. whilst the 14-42 is nearly as good as the 4/3 14-42 I quickly missed the capabilities of the 12-60 (and filters) - last weekend the E-P1 got the 12-60 on it instead and was excellent (but I started to wonder why I wasn't using the E30...

3. IQ is excellent, as is the jpg engine

4. they all (E-P1, E-P2, E-PL1) scream out for a tilt swivel screen....... whilst the silver/silver E-P1 got a lot of looks in Italy I would have had a 620 with me from preference for shooting flexibility, even with the 14-42 43 lens).

5. there are qwerks to the controls on each model so far - the secondary tilt rocker dial on the E-P1 gets knocked all the time with me, in a way that the similarly positioned one on the 510 etc never did.

Overall, they are a great way to use a load of 43 and legacy glass in appropriate situations, as well as providing great IQ from a small package.

yorky 12th July 2010 02:20 PM

Re: Opinions?
I am impressed with the E P 1 and have started to use it for taking on a walk etc. I find in close ups its very good but miss having the viewfinder for some of the slower shutter speeds to help steady it. I have amazed at the results in general. I normally use an E3 but at times find the clarity betterwith the ep 1.I got the convertor and find with the 9-18 and the 35 macro excellent. the longer lenses 12-60 70-300 take a lot out of the battery and are better in manual. On the basis of what I have found with it I would like the ep 2 with the viewfinder. It will certainly make buying any other upgrade to the E3 a very difficult decision. Its joy to take out and use.

Nick Temple-Fry 12th July 2010 03:24 PM

Re: Opinions?
Well for walk about I can put the E-PL1, 14-42, mmf-2, 40-150, vf-2, Peleng 8mm fe in a small National Geographic midi bag and still have room for batteries/cards etc. And I don't notice it. Another relatively small lens case or bag on the other shoulder if I want to carry a larger tele.

It is a light and flexible combo, But it's best for portraiture/still/landscape. So the decider is whether I am out to take nature/animal/insect shots (or church shots because of the bracketting) in which case it's the E-3, or more general snapping then its the E-PL1.

But for 'day-out' the E-PL1 has the advantage.


E-P1 fan 31st July 2010 10:26 PM

Re: Opinions?
Money being a big factor I'm attracted to the EP1 with an MMF-1 adapter. I've never ever spent a lot on cameras (hence the attraction on the E1) so 339 for the EP1 and around 100 for the adapter hovers at my acceptable spend level. I can get that past SWMBO but doubt if she'd wear the EP-1L

Can anyone give me any real reasons why I shouldn't go for the EP-1?

Nick Temple-Fry 1st August 2010 12:09 AM

Re: Opinions?
Well you can't at a later date add the vf-2, the e-p1 does not have the accessory port. So you are limited to using the screen on the back or perhaps the vf-1 which will not show the correct fov.


E-P1 fan 1st August 2010 08:21 AM

Re: Opinions?
Why is nothing ever straight-forward with Olympus! *help


Just reading more reviews and feeling more and more that the EP-1 might be the micro 4/3rds version of my beloved E1 -

Fantastic build quality - great image quality - but quirky design and significant market-hungry ommissions: VF-2, flash inbuilt etc
A great camera - possibly over-engineered but beautiful to use - but essentially an 'odd' camera. Build quality seems better than
the EP1-L

Are these assumptions fair?

Another thing - I do hate the way Olympus airbrush out earlier models. They did it with the E-1 and I see they are doing exactly the same with the EP-1
The 2010 PEN brochure is EP1-L and EP2 only.........deja vu
(I thought the Japanese culture valued age and ancestors?)

E-P1 fan 1st August 2010 04:01 PM

Re: Opinions?
OK here's another take on this....................

EP1 with 14/42 versus the EPL-1 body only and MMF1 (plus my 4/3rds lenses)

Does anyone have a pic of a PEN with the MMF-1 and a 4/3rds lens attached?


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