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Phill D 8th October 2018 08:05 AM

Using the P mode?
I was pointed to this article by someone on FB and found it much more interesting than I thought I would. Will definitely give it a try away from my usual Aperture priority mode. I'd be very interested in what others thought.

Graham_of_Rainham 8th October 2018 08:36 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
I’ve used it very successfully for mixed light exposure where the Ps controls the background and +/- flash is used to get exposure on a foreground subject.

It can be easy to get confused if Auto ISO is also turned on, as then three things are adjusting simultaneously :confused:

Recently I have been very lazy and using iAuto for a lot of “general” photography. :o

MikeOxon 8th October 2018 11:02 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
I aim to turn the dial to P before switching the camera 'off'. This ensures that I get a reasonable result, if I pick the camera up for a 'grab shot' without having time to think!

Because of the live view in my Olympus finder, I find that the exposure compensation dial is the one I go to first, if things don't look quite right. I choose other modes once I have settled into a particular 'photo session' with a known type of subject.
Perhaps this is why Ken Rockwell refers to P as Professional mode. He wrote "I always shoot in Professional exposure mode, the "P." Professional mode was originally called "Program" back in the 1970s. While in Professional mode, if I need different shutter speeds or apertures, all I do is flick the rear dial and I get them."

percy 8th October 2018 12:28 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
Unless I have a specific requirement for any particular aperture or shutter speed P is my default mode for general use. It's so easy to adjust aperture or shutter speed when needed while you're in this setting.

AMc 8th October 2018 03:14 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
I shoot in P almost all the time. As the article says, you can just turn the dial for faster shutter or smaller aperture but you're seldom in a situation where you won't have a usable exposure setting because you're changing settings.

To control things a little I set a maximum ISO or the E-M10ii can ramp up the ISO very fast when I would prefer a slower shutter.

I just did a test to see what the difference behaviour was for the exposure comp vs the rear dial. The rear dial seems to move in steps for shutter and aperture. Exp comp seems to increment one then the other, so there's big shifts on the rear and smaller steps on the front.
You learn something everyday :)

I used to worry this was somehow cheating but took a little comfort from Martin Parr who's work I enjoy though I don't attempt to emulate.



'I use Programme Mode all the time,' Parr said in 2017. 'If I'm shooting at night, I might go into [shutter priority] because I like the idea of what a slow shutter speed can do when using flash. But most of the time I'm just on Programme. Manual snobs really get up my nose because most of the time they've got to spend ages thinking about the aperture. I mean, why not take advantage of modern technology? Programme pretty much gets it right every time.'

The original source...

Phill D 9th October 2018 08:30 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
Amusing video thanks for posting. Not sure why but I do like his video style. Only for occasional watching though.
Well if it's good enough for Martin I guess I'd better get out and give it a go :)
Actually the sun's shining too ;)

AMc 9th October 2018 09:23 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
I like Kai but he is perhaps an acquired taste? He used to be lots of fun when he and Lok did Digital Rev TV but they've both moved on. They used to shoot spots in Hong Kong and Norwich and Cambridge which was quite a contrast.
In general I find Kai at least engages me when he's reviewing stuff, there are so many YouTube photography channels where they just drone on through the feature sheet.

Martin Parr has photos in an exhibition at the Maritime Museum at Greenwhich. We were there recently but too close to closing time to be worth the entry.

He also just published a set of images from the Frieze Art fair through Magnum that I enjoyed looking at.

Jim Ford 9th October 2018 03:19 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
Would the 'P' Mode help me with my benign enlarged prostate?



TimP 9th October 2018 03:47 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
Only if you used it in conjunction with one of those long Laowa (?) macro lenses......

Wreckdiver 9th October 2018 05:30 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
I have never taken a single photo in "P" mode - ever on any of my 10 digital cameras.

The most useless setting on a camera in my opinion.


Petrochemist 9th October 2018 05:42 PM

Re: Using the P mode?

Originally Posted by Wreckdiver (Post 459687)
I have never taken a single photo in "P" mode - ever on any of my 10 digital cameras.

The most useless setting on a camera in my opinion.


Far from it. P allows you to adjust any of the settings it suggests. Green box auto which doesn't let you change anything is useless!

Zuiko 9th October 2018 08:37 PM

Re: Using the P mode?

Originally Posted by TimP (Post 459681)
Only if you used it in conjunction with one of those long Laowa (?) macro lenses......

No, in this case you need one of those coffee mugs designed to look like a Canon lens. :D

IainMacD 9th October 2018 09:05 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
I reprogrammed the P setting to Myset 1 on both my E-M5 mkII and my E-M1 but I do use semi-auto A and S settings a lot.

drmarkf 10th October 2018 09:51 AM

Re: Using the P mode?
Parr's excellent - President of Magnum and a great supporter of young photographers. I heard him speak at that Sony awards: he'd received the Lifetime Award or some such.

Very entertaining and droll presentation with lots of images, then he invited questions at the end. Some nerdy type put his hand up: "Can you talk about the equipment you use and the camera settings?".

"Sure" said MP "I stick it on 'P' and just blast away. It's about telling stories, you know".

Right on, baby.

(MP is appearing everywhere these days: he's the acceptable face of street photography for people who don't like street photography, and I suspect we might now have reached Peak Parr)

pdk42 10th October 2018 02:08 PM

Re: Using the P mode?
I don't use P mode, but I can see its a personal thing. The key thing about exposure is that photographers generally fall into two camps:

- A, P or S mode plus exposure compensation
- M mode and roll your own.

I'm personally in camp 1.

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