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brian1208 1st November 2014 10:34 PM

mix and match flash
following on from a recent location shoot using my two FL600R remote from the EM-1, where despite making a hash of using the on-board commander mode and ending up using cable I got some great results so have decided to explore this further.

I had over time collected an fl36 which as far as I can see won't work in slave mode and a Phottix Strato mk2 for canon with a pass through hot shoe, so I had a play to see what I could knock up.

I'm pleased to say that with the FL36 mounted on the Phottix receiver, an fl600R mounted on the hot-shoe of the Phottix transmitter, set on the camera hot shoe and both the camera, on-board flash and a 2nd fl600R remote flash all set to RC mode I now have control of all three flashes and can run them independently of each other so as to give me a key light, a fill light and hair light (the fl36 on the Phottix receiver)

So far its only been testing the functionality of the set-up but I hope to give it a proper work out soon.

Has anyone else tried this combination and if so, are there any snags to watch out for (or tricks to squeeze even more performance from them?)

brian1208 8th November 2014 12:43 PM

Re: mix and match flash
I have progressed from the Phottix and found a system that works much better for me, albeit with a bit of a workaround

I now have a Cactus RF60 + V6 which I can control remotely by using a Hama folding flash grip onto which I mount the V6. This is linked to the EM-1 via a PC sync cord with a 3.5mm socket terminal for the V6

I mount the Olympus kit flash onto the EM-1 hot shoe and switch to RC mode

This allows me to independently remotely control the RF60 and the two FL600Rs I use

Note, if I was using older flashes such as the FL36R / 50R or the Metz equivalent I could have achieved the same result mounting the V6 directly onto the EM-1 hot-shoe flash and the FL36R etc onto the pass-through hot shoe. I(t doesn't work with the latest models, FL 600R etc as there appear to be a change in the pin configuration that makes it incompatible with the V6 system)

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