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paulw 16th April 2018 07:50 PM

Filters for my 7-14 Pro
I recently been investing in some 'Pro' glassware and having seen some of the stunning pictures taken with the 7-14, with the use of ND filter, decided I'd like to have a try for myself. The first thing was to select one of the many adaptors currently on the market for this lens and after much research decided to opt for the Phil Norton one to go with the NISI 100mm holder set. Great service BTW.



Next came the real problem - what filters to buy? I have to say that in the 45+ years I've been taking photographs, I only ever bought half a dozen or so filters and then Hoya glass colour correction and dioptre ones. So the first thing I had to ask was why do they cost so much? To my mind they were well beyond the material worth and reading endless reviews of Lee, Cokin et al it seemed that for everyone who rated this brand over that for neutrality someone else criticised them colour cast and poor consistency. So in the end decided to give a set of cheap & cheerful Zomei branded ones from China a go.


As soon as they arrived I set-up a quick non-scientific test. Set-up a test target with Kodak grey/white cards, colour (or should that be color) and white to black swatches. Set the white balance of my camera to match as near as possible my studio flash, metered and took a picture. Then in sequence use each ND2, 4, 8 & 16 opening up the camera aperture a stop at a time, now I won't bore you with posting 5 seemingly identical pictures, eye-balling the result I could detect infinitesimal colour cast and with the exception of the ND16, perfect exposure - the ND16 resulted in under exposure by half a stop. Now to my mind that's a great result for perhaps one of the cheapest brands of filters on the market. OK, I'm not technically analysing the results, but TBH I wouldn't be that interested anyway, they looked fine to me and that's all I really care about! Indeed I was so impressed I ordered a set of graduated ND's as well, these came with a filter bag which holds 16 filters and the supplied filter holder all for less than 40 *chr

OK what don't you get that you might get from a more pricey filter, well the ND's don't have a seal on the back to stop reflected light and the filters don't have their 'values' engraved on them, so I put a small sticker in each corner. Finally I suspect the surface may not be as scratch resistant as some of the more costly brands, but for what I paid (compared to the usual suspects) I'd consider these to be almost disposable, given that if I'd sourced the same filters from Lee, I'd be looking at the best part of 600!

DekHog 16th April 2018 08:11 PM

Re: Filters for my 7-14 Pro
I know Zomei filters are actually very good...... you made a good choice.... *yes

chris 16th April 2018 08:32 PM

Re: Filters for my 7-14 Pro
What size are the zomeis? I’m looking at the options for a set of 85x100 grads for my SRB holder, but like you find Lee etc a bit too pricey

paulw 17th April 2018 12:04 AM

Re: Filters for my 7-14 Pro
I believe all Zomei square filters are either 100x100mm or like those I have 100x150mm, though they do a range of round ones as well. The only word of caution I would say is that although I'm extremely happy with my full ND filters, testing the graduated ND's showed less accuracy in there coating. Here the ND16 being very close to the ND8 - certainly not a whole stop of difference and the ND8 wasn't a full stop more than the ND4, so I guess there could be some batch variation. But as stated, they are very cheap and even given this variation I'm happy with them.

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