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Phaser59 15th December 2018 06:28 PM

EVF goes dark
Has anyone else had an issue where their Olympus Pen-f evf darkens by about 50% after a couple of activations of the shutter release? My Pen-f started doing this a couple of months ago. Even though the final image remains un-effected by this isdue as does the rear LCD. This shouldn't be confused with live view,as what I am experiencing is a definite darkening of the evf. It's a bit difficult to explain how dark it goes, but it is enough to render the image in the viewfinder to be almost impossible to see in daylight. Subdued lighting or night time is better because of the reduction of incidental/ambient lighting.
Hopefully there is a solution that doesn't need to have the camera sent in for repair.
Any thoughts tweaks or suggestions appreciated.


Jax 15th December 2018 06:55 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
Welcome to the forum.


Phaser59 15th December 2018 11:24 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
Quick update. I just rolled back the firmware to 2.1 from 3.0 and I still have the same EVF issue. So looks like I will be needing to have it sent to Olympus.

Still holding out for a fix elsewhere in the meantime.


drmarkf 16th December 2018 03:47 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
I'm sure you've done a web search as well, but I can't turn up anything on this.

One thing to try: I have had some intermittently weird EVF behaviour on both the E-M1i and ii caused by water droplets on days spent outside doing wildlife & landscape photography in the rain.

I think the droplets have been affecting the eye switch sensor, but I do vaguely remember once getting an intermittently dim and flickery EVF view that only went away after taking the eye cup off and cleaning and drying it and the eyepiece.

Worth trying a good clean, and maybe try the camera for a while without the eyecup.

Good luck.

Phaser59 16th December 2018 03:51 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
Thank you Mark. Will try that approach and it's one thing I had not thought of, not sure the pen f's eyecup is removable but that's something I can also look into.

Much appreciated

drmarkf 16th December 2018 04:05 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
Yes, never owned a pen-F so I'm not sure about that!

The fact that yours starts off OK and then does dark after a few images does unfortunately make it sound like some sort of electronic failure, maybe a component that's about to give up the ghost or a poor/intermittent connection.

I suppose also it might be worth altering some of the EVF settings in the menus (I assume you can do this with the Pen-F) and seeing what happens e.g. viewfinder boost, or whatever it's called (I don't have an Oly to hand just now).

Also, the standard fall-backs we all use as a last resort 'pre-Portugal': do a full reset to manufacturer's settings, and also try a battery-out resent (camera on, remove the battery and then replace it after a few seconds with the camera still switched on).

Loup Garou 16th December 2018 04:54 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
I had heard that the Pen F's EVF locks-up the whole camera if used with certain lenses, especially the 75mm f1.8. Thus far I have not had any issues with any lens, including the 75mm. In fact, I like to use the EVF more often with the Pen-F than the OMD EM5 II simply to pretend that I am using a rangefinder camera. :D

Phaser59 16th December 2018 05:50 PM

Re: EVF goes dark
Hi Mark. Your hunch with the proximity eye sensor has yeilded a result. Looks like that is at fault. The unit appears to be defective/non operative, if it wasn't affecting the evf then I would not even bother but it's gets in the way.
I know where you are coming from regarding the use of the evf and the styling of the Pen F and I am very much a viewfinder 99% of the time guy.
I'll be updating Olympus and hopefully it'll be taking seriously but it's out of warranty and I am not the original purchaser. I bought it through MPB 15 months ago so I'll have to wait and see.
Cheers again sir.

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