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kidslateinlife 4th September 2012 09:57 PM

Getting into film
I recently acquired an OM1 following some very helpful advice on a previous thread.

I found the kit on Ebay starting at 100.00, and I bid 102.

I collected the following on Saturday.

* OM1 n with new hot shoe, (body dirty, missing dust cap where winder fits)
* Oly winder battery powered ( battery leakage inside, but cleaned up)

* 50mm Zuiko F1.8 (little dust inside)
* Sakar 2 x teleconvertor (clean)
* Ensinor 28mm f2.8 ( looks like a little fungal growth internally)
* Tamron 80-210mm telemacro? ( looks like a little fungal growth internally)
* Miranda 700cd flash, Battery corrosion internally, cleaned up and fired
* Remote trigger cable.
* various polarisers, filters and bits.

I bought a roll of film, and ran the first few shot's using the manual film advance winder, and I struggled to wind it, I attached the winder and it runs smotthly in single and multi shot.

My main problem is the light seals on the body, I understand you can get a kit to replace them, and I won't know how bad they are until I develop the first roll (which I am going to do myself)

In all, I should be happy with my purchase and I think I have a good deal.

What do you think? or are the other bits and bobs just pence

Also, I am struggling to work out when I have correct focus.... the little circle in the viewfinder (difract's) the image and I am vague as to when I have a confirmed focussed image.

gregles 4th September 2012 10:30 PM

Re: Getting into film
Good luck Alan:)

looking forward to seeing your early results

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