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Zuiko 7th October 2011 07:19 AM

New Members advertising in the For Sale section
I appreciate this subject is very emotive and that it polarizes opinion amongst a significant number of members. Here's my take on it:

1) It is Forum policy that any member may use the "For Sale" section to advertise surplus equipment. Even if that is their first post. Even if they intend to disappear immediately any business has been concluded.

2) It would be polite for new members who have joined solely for this purpose to introduce themselves and would no doubt increase their chances of making a sale. Also it would make communication with interested potential buyers easier if they have made the required 6 posts to qualify for PM's. However, this is not compulsory.

3) Perceived rudeness from new members or a disagreement with the forum's policies does not excuse making confrontational, aggressive or sarcastic comments in someone else's "For Sale" thread. In future I will just delete these type of comments.

4) I acknowledge that a significant number of members disagree with the Forum policy on For Sale threads but this is not a democracy. However, freedom of comment on this or any other subject is encouraged, just not within another member's For Sale thread. By all means start a new thread in The Lounge, just try to keep it polite, non-aggressive and not aimed at any particular member, please.

5) If anyone has a concern about the legitimacy of a particular For Sale thread, use the "report post" facility or contact a moderator by PM.

6) Likewise, if anyone notices inappropriate comments posted in a thread, rather than join in (which often serves only to exacerbate the situation) use the "report" facility or PM me or any other mod.

7) Remember, no-one is forced to buy from a source that they feel uneasy about. If you don't want to do business with a particular individual then just walk away. There are many times when such a thread would have quickly and silently faded into obscurity, but for opening a debate on the same thread and giving it prominence!

8) Finally, please don't let this perpetual division of opinion on one relatively small issue sour the otherwise excellent camaraderie and good-humour that makes this Forum special; I appeal for restraint from both sides of the debate.

Thank you

DJMC 7th October 2011 01:59 PM

Re: New Members advertising in the For Sale section

Excellent John!

I agree with everything you say. Could this be made a sticky at the top of the sales section?

I know those of us who buy and sell a bit of Olympus kit are often frowned upon too. This falls into the same camp as a newbie selling on a first post in that I cannot see what possible disadvantage there is in my bringing to the table a piece of kit someone here might quite like, and knowing it's likely to be described accurately as I'm a fellow enthusiast first and foremost.


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