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shenstone 27th February 2009 10:58 PM

E620 / E30 / E520 comparison chart
Over on DP review there's a nice 1st side by side chart (1st I've seen anyway)


No defintitive conclusions yet as no-one has seen the pictures but I think for many it will be close enough for the price difference to be a key factor (when we see the pictures of course)

For me strangly enough the fact that the 620 is based on the Lower capacity BLS-1 battery (7.2V 1150 mAh) vs. BLM-1 (7.2V 1500 mAh) is weighing on my mind - so far everything I have uses the BLM-1 and this would mean taking more chargers when travelling. OK it's a lighter camera, but that's just been offset

Still it looks a real stunner of a camera

Interestingly a few comments over there on the fact that it's the most clicked camera review - 1st time for the long time Oly has made it to such over there apparently


dbutch 27th February 2009 11:17 PM

Re: E620 / E30 / E520 comparison chart
Yes its a useful list

I said in a previous post when some were questioning the E-30 that it was horses for courses and the list helps here

Just a quick look and a couple of things a pro could benefit from with the E-30

flash sync E-30 1/250 & E-620 1/180

Low light focus E-30 to -2EV & E-620 to -1EV

Top shutter speed E-30 1/8000 & E-620 1/4000

On top of that extra focus points top LCD flash sync socket and big battery for the E-30

That said the E-620 looks good next to the E-520 and in terms of price is the real tweeny and as you said is getting a lot of interest all round

I am planning to purchase, I think it looks a winner


photo_owl 27th February 2009 11:18 PM

Re: E620 / E30 / E520 comparison chart
they clearly aimed solidly for the 'smallest lightest dSLR'* (*with IS) in the same way they targeted AF speed with the E3.

I have a whole load of bls-1s expecting issues that never realised. lasted really well in practice.

crimbo 28th February 2009 03:40 AM

Re: E620 / E30 / E520 comparison chart
Yep ...dear old Oly have put my spending/savings plans on hold with the 620 ... bringing the 4xx and 5xx series together?

But still exposure bracketing is -1,0,+1 ... hoped us HDR fans would have got a larger range

I note the bulb timer option...can you do 30 min at ISO 3200 or does the system self limit?

Did I miss the size of the raw files?

shenstone 28th February 2009 09:21 AM

Re: E620 / E30 / E520 comparison chart

Originally Posted by crimbo (Post 38672)
Did I miss the size of the raw files?

Nope, but as it's the same sensor and processing engine I would'nt expect much of a 620/30 differentiator


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