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Barr1e 30th October 2018 06:58 PM

O2 arena
We are off to a show and would be pleased to learn what camera/lens you would suggest as it seems dslr's are frowned upon (possibly confiscated for the duration of the show).

Thanks in advance


Phill D 31st October 2018 09:12 AM

Re: O2 arena
I would take a little travel zoom like one of the Panasonic Lumiz TZ series. Either one of the smaller sensor ones with huge zooms or the more recent 1 inch sensor one that has a ~8-10x zoom I think.

AMc 31st October 2018 11:42 AM

Re: O2 arena
Last time I went to the O2 to see Prince they were doing full searches of everything including pat downs.
As his Purpleness had decreed no photography nothing was allowed in.
My Canon IXUS made it through tucked somewhere discreet and I grabbed a few pictures along with the hundreds of phone pictures people took anyway.
Depending on the event I would probably skip the camera full stop unless you can stash it in a car or hotel near by if you're refused entry with it.

Barr1e 31st October 2018 08:34 PM

Re: O2 arena
Hi -

I have given some small cameras away to my daughter and grandchildren as I needed the space for the collection of Oly gear. ;)

I think we will take our Fuji X100F's and hope they will allow us in with those.
They don't have the reach but they should give us a few memories.

Thanks again, appreciated.


Barr1e 3rd November 2018 11:44 AM

Re: O2 arena
I am pleased to say the Fuji was looked at and no mention by the security people of its size. I'm pretty sure though glancing at the 20.000 guests during the intermission not a dslr type camera with lens was spotted.

A pic of the finale (obeying the rules of 'no pictures' during the performance) :o


drmarkf 3rd November 2018 01:36 PM

Re: O2 arena
Yes, I've taken my Fuji X70 to similar events and had no trouble with security.

I used to take my old Sony RX100, but the 1" sensor isn't nearly as good in dim light (or at coping with contrasty stage lighting) and for me the dynamic range of the crop sensor in the X70 makes up for its lack of a zoom.

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