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JonSchick 5th April 2016 08:08 PM

Cheap Leica! D Lux Typ 109 (read description)
Just about relevant here as it uses a m43 sensor, I'm selling my one owner from new lightly used Leica D Lux Typ 109 (aka Panasonic LX100 with a red dot and stupid price tag).


It's a lovely camera and it's easy enough to check out the various test sites to see how they do - in essence a compact camera with proper shutter speed and aperture dials (which I really love), a m43 sensor (it uses approx 12-13MP of the 16MP sensor depending which aspect ratio you use - and it has a very nice multi-aspect ratio implementation), a high quality 24-75 f1.7-2.8 lens, the same EVF as the Lumix GX7 (so very decent) and 4K capability if you're into that kind of thing. A perfect daily user or travel camera for when you don't want to carry around a bag of kit.


The camera comes complete with everything it originally came with plus spare battery (not Leica brand....), Gordy's leather wrist strap, 8GB Samsung SD card to get you going, high quality B+W lens protect filter which has been on from new, and a little LowePro pouch which fits the camera and spare battery perfectly, and has a belt loop for easy carrying.


It also comes with the superb Richard Franiec grip fitted, and a rear thumb rest which works brilliantly, but thereby hangs a tale..... (read on)

Normally all the gear I sell is in mint condition or very close, but I can't say that this time because the thumb grip is absolutely jammed in the hotshoe. I've tried to shift it and failed miserably, and after a trip to a professional camera repairer I was advised it would need to be machined off - at a cost that didn't seem worth bothering with given I never use the flash anyway.


However, the result is that, unless you are the type who happens to have the wherewithal to sort it out, you're looking at a camera that cannot be used with the (ironically included) flash, and which also shows some minor signs of my attempts to get the grip off (mostly minor scratches to the grip itself, although some marks in front of the hotshoe on the camera too).



It's a great shame because optically the camera is perfect (filter has been on from day one), cosmetically it is otherwise mint (and includes a rear LCD protector also on from day one), but obviously there's a but....

....which means that I'm selling it for massively less than it would otherwise have got. So if you're looking for a very capable little camera that gives you micro four thirds image quality and a lovely fast lens in a great form factor (and with built in decent EVF rather than needing an accessory one) then it's really worth a look. Price is 350 for the whole lot, delivered by RMSD - please PM with any queries.





Ralph Harwood 9th April 2016 10:39 AM

Re: Cheap Leica! D Lux Typ 109 (read description)
Hi there Jon!

I can't believe this hasn't sold - a very low price for a red dot camera!

Have you tried using a bit of freezer spray (basically a refridgerant in a spray can with a tube to apply it accurately - should be able to get it from Maplin or similar) on the stuck grip to cool the aluminium down (differential thermal contraction should give you a little bit of slack to remove the grip as the aluminium should shrink more than the steel hotshoe.)

I would suggest if you do this that the rest of the camera is well protected although it shouldn't affect the finish - I would use an old rubber glove and cut a little hole for the grip and hotshoe to poke out of. Also make sure you protect your hands as the freezer spray can reduce the temperature down to -40 degrees C!

Have a free Bump from me and good luck with the sale (if it's still here at the end of the month when my bonus comes through I may well consider it myself!)



Graham_of_Rainham 9th April 2016 12:49 PM

Re: Cheap Leica! D Lux Typ 109 (read description)
I've had a gun jam in a hot shoe, and there are reports of others having similar problems with these thumb grips. Mechanical removal is the only way to get them off. :(

By far the best removal method is a Dremil type tool, steady hands and lots of patience...

JonSchick 9th April 2016 04:00 PM

Re: Cheap Leica! D Lux Typ 109 (read description)
Sold subject to payment. Cheers, Jon

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