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Snapper 20th October 2011 03:34 PM

E-620 Viewfinder
Hi all,

For those of you that owned an E-510 before upgrading to an E-620...

Can you advise if the viewfinder information display is any brighter on the E-620 ?

I wear glasses (reactolite) and I often struggle to see the viewfinder information clearly, especially in bright conditions. I appreciate the E-620 display is across the bottom of the VF (a big improvement IMHO) but I haven't seen any comparative views in reviews to determine the info brightness.

Many thanks and apologies if this reads like a nitpicking query.... !

Ian 20th October 2011 03:46 PM

Re: E-620 Viewfinder
I don't think it's any brighter, but the viewfinder magnification is greater and (from memory as I don't have and E-620 in front of me here) I think the data is at the bottom of the frame and not on the right, which people tend to prefer.


snaarman 20th October 2011 04:13 PM

Re: E-620 Viewfinder
I had both cameras at one time. I don't think the display is any brighter on the E620. The viewfinder is marginally larger. However, when you include the swinging screen and Live view and all the other small improvements, it makes the 600/620 a much better camera in my humble opinion.


PeterBirder 20th October 2011 08:58 PM

Re: E-620 Viewfinder
I have both an E510 and an E600 and agree with Pete's comments.
I wear glasses too and find the data display at the bottom of the viewfinder on the E600 very slightly easier to see.I would think the Reactolite lenses are a major factor as with them you have a ND Filter between the viewfinder and your eye.


Phill D 20th October 2011 09:44 PM

Re: E-620 Viewfinder
I have both cameras and the displays look the same to me in terms of brightness. I don't find the position change much of a benefit it just depends on what you are used to. The E510 is hopeless in bright sunlight especially from the side and I was hoping that the E620 would be better but it's pretty marginal if any better I'd say.

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