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ringneck 19th May 2009 11:01 AM

Olympus Master 2
Depending on any answers to this question more queries may follow.

Does ANYONE on here actually use/put their files through the OLY Master 2 as supplied with my 510.

I have tried to get anything in/or out of it and I always fail...me probably.
In particular i wanted to investigate RAW.
At the moment i go through P/S 7.

keith *chr

HughofBardfield 19th May 2009 11:29 AM

Re: Olympus Master 2
Olympus Master and Studio are too clunky IMHO, although some claim the colours are "superior" to that produced by other RAW converter softwares.

I personally prefer Lightroom, and if I were you I'd take advantage of the free trial. You could also try Raw Therapee (free download) and/ or Lightzone (free trial). Both offer advantages in some situations. Some people swear by Silkypix (couldn't get on with the interface myself), and I think UFRAW is still available & free.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of options available, not all of which involve parting with money...

This question or one like it is asked fairly frequently on here. It might be worth having a trawl thru past threads as opinions are as varied as you might expect for a matter of personal preference! :)

Nick Temple-Fry 19th May 2009 11:36 AM

Re: Olympus Master 2
Whilst Master 2 may not have the 'best' treatment of highlights and I find the noise processing perhaps a bit inclined to produce artifacts on some scenes - it remains a capable bit of software and I tend to use it for most images.

Perhaps if we understood what the problem was a bit more then we could help.


oly_om 19th May 2009 01:06 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2
I have taken a look at Oly Master - the Raw conversion artefacts seem to not be noise related, more bayer-mask interpolation related (at a guess, it looks like a simple bilinear method, which is crappy, to say the least). If you want colours similar to Oly Studio in ACR or LR, check out my new profiles (E-3 only at the moment): http://fourthirds-user.com/forum/sho...4470#post34470

(Always check at the end as I post any enhancements - I think the v3 versions are pretty good and comprehensive). Raw Therapee seems to give the cleanest output, IMHO, similar to DCRAW AHD method.


Zuiko 19th May 2009 08:37 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2
I much prefer ACR but at the moment I cannot get Elements 6 to recognise raws from the E3 so I'm having to process them in Master first. Sadly it lacks the highlight recovery facility of ACR, which I found to be the most useful function, so mostly I'm processing without any adjustment which means I might as well shoot JPEGs in the first place! :rolleyes:

oly_om 19th May 2009 09:19 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2

Just update camera raw to version 4.6 - should be compatible with PE 6:


You can now read E-3 files!


ringneck 19th May 2009 09:56 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2
Thanks everyone for replying....
HUGH...Great that ther's trials available for RAW.I have had a little trawl in the past and turned up lots of good stuff.

NICK..Good to know it does noise reduction as I suffer a lot from this.
The problem is as I have only ever put stuff through P/S7 I have not got the slightest idea how to get anything to happen on the OLY thingy.Tried looking at the booklet on the Master site but as i could not copy it or print off just the pages I wanted it was hopeless.I did write out a few instructions but could not get it to do anything.I have only been doing processing for 2 years but for over the 1st year I did not even know I had to sharpen images before posting them.AS I said it's probably just me.(definitely me really).

ANDY....As I cannot even get started on Master 2 then sorry this just flies right over my head.

JOHN..It seemsyou might have answered my main question - namely forget Master 2 and just do P/S 7.

As everyone knows parents cannot get Videos (DVD'S now) to work then I am like that with all things....and as Homer Simpson said on my 1st ever mouse mat.. well something like this..." the more I manage to cram into my brain the more I manage to push out the other side".

Keith...hopeless case.:confused: :o

Nick Temple-Fry 19th May 2009 11:21 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2
I'm almost at a loss where to start

1) I use Folder view in Master rather than album view

2) For each shoot I create a folder with 3 subfolders (orf, unprocessed jpg, final jpg).

3) I load my orf files into the orf folder (just drag and copy from the card in a reader)

4) Start master, wait, and then click on the orf folder and it opens up a thumbnail view.

5) Click on the first thumbnail I want to process and then select RAW from the toolbar above.

6) Do whatever I want to the RAW image (often very little other than exposure and wb)

7) Save - then select unprocessed jpg as my save folder

Didn't know there was a manual/brochure - must read it someday


theMusicMan 20th May 2009 05:50 AM

Re: Olympus Master 2
Hi Keith

I don't use Olympus Master or Studio at all, and use Lightroom2 for all my processing and library functions. I occasionally use Photoshop CS3 for specific items such as adding a border etc, but 99% of all my post processing is done in Lightroom2.

Have you considered having a look at this...? I appreciate it is commercial software and costs some dosh, but it is excellent at what it does.

stevednp3 20th May 2009 06:11 PM

Re: Olympus Master 2
I used to use PS for opening RAW files, but CS4 does not do a good job on the new E-30 format and Im finding Olympus Studio 2 does a much better job at retaining detail. So I use the Olympus studio now for all my RAW processing.

Had to update the software online though as at first it would crash when reading the e-30 files

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