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Kiwi Paul
18th May 2010, 07:52 PM
Just a bit of info for anyone interested.

I have recently bought the Lowepro Vertex 200 photo backpack as I wanted something that would hold all my gear including the 90-250 complete with lens hood.

It's ideal and I can just get all my kit in comprising E3,9-18, 14-35, 35-100, 90-250, ZD50, EC14 and EC20. All the lenses can have their hoods fitted (facing backwards). The monopod fits comfortably on the back, I could fit my tripod but the bag would start to get too heavy with my kit fitted.

It's comfortable to wear and the straps offer great adjustability.

There is plenty of room for accessories, extra batteries and memory cards etc.

Also has a laptop compartment for up to a 15" laptop.

I've attached a couple of photos showing how I've arranged my kit.




18th May 2010, 08:12 PM
I have one also Paul and find it extremely versatile. Dimensions are well within that permitted for aircraft carry on luggage. The Vertex 300 AW is a bit deeper and right on the limits of carry on dimensions.

Excellent back packs, I use my 200 AW when off diving abroad and usually take a couple of SLR bodies, 2 camcorders and 3 or 4 lenses....


18th May 2010, 08:31 PM
They are excellent bags (I have the 300) and it's great when travelling

However I find it a little awqward getting the camera in and out quickly from a backpack so I find I use it less than I'd expected and when I do use it I tend to have a cc pouch on the belt

Anyone any thoughts on this ?

Kiwi Paul
18th May 2010, 08:52 PM
Yeah the "useability" of backpacks is a compromise, I agree. The single strap slingshot type backpacks are ideal for quick access to cameras and lenses.
I wanted something that would hold all my kit so rather than having to leave anything in the car for example I could just carry a single bag with me knowing it is with me and all safe.
It's ideal in the car as it just flips open and I can select whatever kit I need but if hiking then obviously you need to take the backpack off and then after unzipping it etc select what you want to use.


18th May 2010, 09:11 PM
It was on offer on the Jacobs stand at Focus for 99 - I now wish I had bought one!