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1st May 2010, 05:43 PM
Hi, I have found a Giottos MH7002-652 Ball Head with quick release, has anyone used this model & is it any good. I have only found one review on Amazon & it said it was useless. It then said to use Manfrotto ball heads instead. I am not sure about reviews onlineso I hope someone here can help me out. Thanks Mac

2nd May 2010, 07:05 PM
Since no-one has replied I'll try to help but I don't know the specific head you mention. Giotto is a reputable manufacturer and it is unlikely that the ball head is useless, I suspect the reviewer had two highly subjective levels - useless and awesome.

In my experience ballheads generally are not that great to use as they require the camera to be held and aligned in one hand while operating the ballhead lock. Undo the lock accidentally when the camera is not supported and it flops in an untidy heap.

Sometime ago I bought one of these at a camerafair for about 40 and can thoroughly recommend it for a reasonably small camera/lens combination (E510 with 50-200mm was OK). I wouldn't willingly go back to a simple ballhead of any make.

Other manufacturers make similar devices which, I am sure, are at least as effective.

Andrew Riddell
2nd May 2010, 08:11 PM
I would second mike_j's opinion. I too have a Tristar pistol grip and it's very steady. Mine only had a standard camera screw on the top, so I put a quick release plate on top of it - a Giotto 642! They sell the QRPs separately as well as with a ball-head. Their Series II have an additional friction control which helps stability. I don't think you'd find them a problem, but I find the pistol solution easier to use.

BTW, the 642 QRP's tripod screw is set in a channel, so the video pin can easily be aligned on your camera and gives you a bit more grip in portrait format.


4th May 2010, 02:26 PM
Thanks for the reply, I just got back from my local Jessops where I tried out the Ball Head. I think you are right it seems to me to be a lot of fiddling about, I borrowed my friends swivel & tilt head yesterday & I would trust it more than the ball head. Thanks Mac

5th May 2010, 12:06 PM
Not the specific model that you are asking about, but I have a Manfrotto 322RC2 joystick / trigger ball head and aside from a couple of minor gripes in setting it up ( see http://dpnow.com/6782.html ) it's rock solid in holding an E-30 with large lenses

As it's a squeeze to move type you have no fear of the "floppy camera"


5th May 2010, 01:08 PM

If it helps I use the Giottos MH1302-652 Series II Ball Head slighty dearer to purchase (around 50) but well worth the extra, (you have better fricton control)it works well with my E3 and 70-300 plus other lenses I swap between a Manfrotto monopod 682B and a Giottos carbon fiber tripod MTL8261. All I can say is they are very well made, very reliable and I get tack sharp photos with either combination. Hope this helps.



5th May 2010, 03:35 PM
I ended up getting the swivel & tilt head. Thanks Mac