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25th April 2010, 01:18 PM
Hi Guys.

i have an olympus E-420...and ive been trying digiscoping with it..i attach it to the star travel 80 refractor with appropiate fittings..whats happning is...when i focus and when looking on live screen everything is pin sharp, but after taking the shot the picture comes out blurry...more like out of focus a bit. this is happning all the time...even when i connect it to my 6 inch telescope. i got loads of moon shots and all out of focus..but like i said..on live screen its very sharp. i am using shutter release cable..so its not vibrations doing it. even when doing everyday photography some pics are out of focus. ive tried all settings i could think off but no good. i know about settings for moon photography..i know sometimes i might not get it right with the settings..but when doing landscapes and the land aint moving to cause the motion blur unless very windy :)

just wondering what the problem is. its very frustrating putting hours in your hobbys and knowing the 2 problems i have are similar. i even got my girlfreind on many occassions to make sure it was focused and not my eyesight. i know about shutter speeds on most occasions..but with the two scopes is where my problem is...one scope for daytime and one scope for simple moon shots but with the problem of out of focus shots. maybe im missing something? but with sharp images on live screen and take shot with release cable..they come out blurry. any ideas guys as to what the problem is?

thanks for your time. *chr

25th April 2010, 02:04 PM
you seem to know what you are doing so it's difficult to see anything that's not 'silly' such as having AF (S-AF+MF for example) on as well so that the camera adjusts the focus after you have set it so carefully in MF.

the LV image is created by the main sensor so it really should be a case of WYSIWYG - obviously camera and subject movement being the variables; but these are known elements to you in both fields so I assume you have the shutter mechanism vibration covered off and appropriate shutter speeds for subject motion.

if you can post a full size file it could help understand what's happening - or email me a full size jpeg.

25th April 2010, 02:59 PM
thanks for reply photo_owl.

i put the photos on flickr...if you got time have a look. ive named the photos so you will know which ones im on about. thanks again *chr

my link


2nd February 2012, 08:06 PM
Hi Micky,

Just read your question and took a peek at your photos and EXIF data. If you take a good look at your EXIF data, you can see the following settings:

Metering Mode: Pattern+AF
Focus Mode : Single AF; S-AF, AF sensor
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
ISO Speed: 200

Ever tried the following settings:
Metering Mode: Center weight or Spot Metering
Focus Mode: Manual Focus; MF, AF sensor
ISO Speed: 100

i presume that you have to use a T-mount adapter ring to make photos with your E-420? This means that you have to set your camera manually. So this means also that you have to set your settings internally to manual. Otherwise your camera will try to adjust because of the AF-setting in the Focus mode and the way you have set the Metering mode (pattern+AF= same as ESP+AF). If you want to use Pattern it is better to set the pattern to ESP only. it's just a thought.
Hope I could help you.:D ;)