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David Gethin
18th April 2010, 09:48 PM
I recently bought a Falcon 8mm fisheye lens with a Nikon mount (before it was offered in a 4/3 mount).

Coupled with a standard Nikon to 4/3 adapter the lens could not focus as the adapter is marginally too thin, and as a temporary solution I have been using some cereal box cardboard as a shim. According to a review of the Samyang 8mm FE (alternatively branded lens but otherwise the same) it is necessary to fit a 0.4mm shim to the adapter. Two questions:

a) how do I calculate how much of a shim is required to bring the lens into focus? and

b) assuming I just take the reviewer's word as gospel (and he seems very knowledgeable), where would I find a supply of 0.4mm metal shim stock in order to fabricate a shim for the adapter?


18th April 2010, 10:02 PM
Hi David here is a link for some .016 x 4 x 10 inch (0.4 x 102 x 254mm) Aluminium Sheet Supplied each FEATURES: Quality sheet metal Solid Aluminium at 1.99plus post but you could also try your local model shop



Also do it in brass 3.99