View Full Version : Very shiny makeup on faces

10th April 2010, 05:44 PM
Yesterday evening I was taking pictures for a friends and family gathering - people of all ages ie mid 20s upwards to even older than I am (it was a Golden Wedding celebration)

I was using flash with a Lumiquest flash reflector diffuser on a FL50

This technique normally works well - even light - effective light source effectively further away from the lens so minimizing risk of red eye and soft shadows.

However several female faces (various ages) have terrible glaring reflections / highlights sometimes with metallic coloured highlight area.

How can one avoid this effect apart using flash in dark rooms with lots of people and one is required to get pictures of people "enjoying" them selves. Any suggestions for post processing the excessive highlight area out of the image.

Thanks for any tips.

14th April 2010, 05:16 PM
Just google "photoshop remove flash hotspots" and you'll get a multitude of ways to go about it - some youtube stuff as well which is always useful...