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1st April 2010, 04:14 PM
Yesterday it was a rainy grey day but I decided to go out all the same and take some pictures, practise makes perfect and all that, anyway I found a spot near the local resovoir with woodland all around and on a wall some 20' away some one had put some bird food out, this was being used by a few birds, mainly blue tit's and the like, using my 70- 300 Olympus lens and the E510 I took a number of pictures, they looked quite bright and crisply focused, however when I got home they are all very slightly soft or not quite focused bang on ? I know the light was quite poor but I have had much sharper pictures from the 70-300 before? I used The AP setting adjusting the apeture to get a little depth and also tried the sp setting as well, I had the camera resting on the car window for some support as some shutter speeds where quite slow due to the lack of light around? maybe some one can tell me where i'm going wrong? some pic's are here
this file has the pics i am talking about although some of them look ok when they are small ? as soon as i increase the size they go all to pot ?
any help please *help

1st April 2010, 05:00 PM
OK, in some cases the camera has focussed on the wall rather than the bird. The only fix for that is to make the camera use the centre focus spot only - I don't know how the camera decides which spot to use but sometimes you have to force the issue.

In some cases the exposure was so long the bird has moved, which makes me think it must have been fairly dark. Maybe you could have pushed the ISO up a bit to get the shutter speed up.

Just my observations after a quick look.. :)


Barrie Norman
2nd April 2010, 08:11 AM
The 70-300 seems to work best at around f/:8 using A setting increase the ISO to about 800 this should give you a faster shutter speed and stop the motion blur, the final pictures in the tree are dark because the metering I think is set for an average or weighted centre metering two stops of compensation would have given a better image set the screen to show the histogram this will help your exposure if keep it centred. I hope this will help and its not to complicated.

2nd April 2010, 08:37 AM
I agree with Pete I'd say a few of them are focused properly but even if the rest had been they would still be blurry due to subject movement and to slow shutter speed.

Have you ever closely looked how this little birds are contantly moving even when appearing still. If I tell you that you need shutter speed of 1/15sec or faster to be sure of stopping movement of a human being breathing then you can approciate how 1/20th sec you used as no chance with these liitle creatures that are in a constant flux of movement.:)

2nd April 2010, 02:36 PM
Thanks folks I take all your help on board, i did think after i got home I should have increased the iso to get a faster shutter speed, I'm still on a steep learning curve and asking others is a good way of learning where your going wrong
thanks for your comments