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12th February 2008, 09:30 PM
Dear Deirdre,

I'm sure you get many letters like this to your problem page. I have to admit its taken me some time to pluck up the courage to put finger to keyboard.

Its just that, well you see.....I'm not sure if I can even say it http://www.mazeguy.net/sad/melodramatic.gif....but I've been seeing.....ANOTHER CAMERA !!!! http://www.mazeguy.net/sad/bawling.gif

I feel like the Ashley Cole of the amateur photography world and I realise how disappointed with me you'll be.

It was never meant to happen. Its just that I found myself hanging round a competition page on the website of a camera magazine and before I knew it, I'd entered! In what seemed like no time I was told that I was the winner for that month and they were sending me a Samsung GX-10 and its been a whirlwnd romance from there. If you fancy a look at what we've been doing together have a look at the March edition of 'Digital SLR User' magazine.

So, what to do? I now have an Oly E500 which I'm very attached to cos I feel like we've grown up together photographically, I also have a big stack of lenses to fit it. On the other hand the Samsung has a considerably better body (ooh missus :D) but I've only got a kit lens.

I could sell one or the other but neither body is likely to make much which points a little towards selling the Oly with the lenses and investing in some Pentax fit lenses. I'm also thinking of selling the lot and getting an E3 but I doubt I'll raise enough so I'll have to wait until I have an income again in order to top it up.

At the mo I'm still seeing both (tart! I hear you cry) depending on lens use required, although there is a slight bias towards the Samsung due to 'new toy syndrome'.

My shame is unbearable. Please tell me what to do.


An indecisive sosage

13th February 2008, 05:40 AM
My shame is unbearable. Please tell me what to do.

You should have entered the other competition and won an E510 (I did!) :-)
Well done, nice quandary to be in. My friend and one of my brothers have the Pentax version of the Samsung and it's a great camera, so whatever you decide you'll have a nice piece of equipment.

I flogged the E510 and have put the money aside for an E-3, kept my E-1 for the time being.

Scapula Memory
13th February 2008, 08:44 AM
If you have a lot of Zuiko glass then I would be tempted to sell the 500 and the new camera and go for an E3 body. Still a rather nice dilemma if ever I saw one!

13th February 2008, 05:39 PM
Dear Deirdre,...

...My shame is unbearable. Please tell me what to do.


An indecisive sosage

Deirdre says:

"Now look sosage, pull yourself together and remember all the times you and Oly have had together. This new Samsung on the side is a seductive temptress and could be your undoing. But you're not alone. Plenty of others before you have been tempted by the curvacious charms and sweet looks of Susy Samsung. Just bear in mind, she's had many takers and is earning a bit of a reputation! If you leave your long-term Oly, she may never forgive you and you will always feel guilty for the rest of your life. In your heart, you know what's right. Tell Susy to pack her bags. Unless, of course, Susy and Oly are prepared to share you!". :)

13th February 2008, 06:36 PM
Lonely hearts advise is don't give up the Oly as you will be pretty lonely in the Samsung forums.;) Be French and have two mistresses. :)

13th February 2008, 06:49 PM
GX-10 prices are on a temporary high at the moment - sell both and date E-500's younger sister? If I didn't have any Oly glass, I'd probably go for the Samsung...