View Full Version : Illuminating Hadrianís Wall

13th March 2010, 11:24 AM
I just spotted this on the BBC

Too far for me to go, but I hope some of our northerm members have picked a good vantage point !



13th March 2010, 04:35 PM
I'm going. Found a place with a little distance but with a good view. Hopefully it's not going to be packed,

Ulfric M Douglas
15th March 2010, 10:22 AM
I heard the roads were packed with parked cars.
Personally I didn't go but I hope you got at least a couple of pics to show?

Oh man, that's a sad story...
Never can have too many pics of green hi-vis jackets and giant bunsen-burners!

15th March 2010, 12:28 PM
Unfortunately I didn't get much of the illumination. I had planned to go Northwest of Hexham (Where the tree from 'Robin Hood' is) after spending last weekend on recce. It takes me 35-40 minutes to drive there with no traffic and up to 10 minutes walking to where I wanted to go. But...

- Wifey managed to spend too much time with the horse (again!!) so I was late and didn't get in the car until closer to 6pm because someone had to look after the kids.
- The flame was supposed to be lit 1745 in Wallsend but they lit it around 1730 shaving off 15 minutes of my plan.
- The flames would burn for a maximum of 90 minutes. Quickly calculated I would have about 10-15 minutes on 'site' if the flames burned for full 90 minutes.

Because I'm no pro I would most likely have had to do a couple of test photos and then the time wouldn't have allowed much photography. Thanks a LOT to my supportive(!) wife. I ended up taking the 5-year old in the car with no camera and drove along Military Road to see the people and the lights.

15th March 2010, 11:34 PM
Well . . . as a marketing and publicity event it all went very well!
The tourists flocked into the area and the local market towns and cities for the day / weekend, the roads were packed with cars either following the lights across the country or parking on the side of the Military Road to walk across to Hadrian's Wall to watch the lights come through. Local viewpoints were jam packed with sightseers and the weather stayed fair.
And best of all, the organiser of the event noted on local TV that as gas burners were being used to create the lights they were going to carbon offset them with the planting of trees (my family thought that she said four trees but I think we must have miss heard) - oh and could local residents switch off their house lights for a while! Not quite sure who is going to carbon offset the huge amount of traffic miles that resulted though.

Visually the event was not quite as spectacular as some may have hoped for the majority of non-ticket holders - unless you were standing on or very close to the Wall the lights were too small and too far apart to give much illumination to Hadrian's Wall. Dots of orange lights 'marching' across the hills in the mid section of the Wall were interesting but perhaps not spectacular.
I got a reasonable panorama but it won't show up the lights well on this site, so the best website to look at seems to be http://www.youtube.com/user/ihw2010 which is the official Illuminating Hadrian's Wall site for the aerial videos that show up the lights far better than most stills.