View Full Version : Samyang Lenses Join 4/3's

11th March 2010, 09:48 AM
Interesting news.

"Samyang company has informed that new lenses: Samyang 8 mm f/3.5 fish-eye and Samyang 85 mm f/1.4 with a mount for Olympus 4/3, have been released to the market. The lenses complete the series of mounts designed for Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. "

Now the equivalent of a 170mm f1.4 really interests me.:D

11th March 2010, 12:30 PM
I seem to recall seeing these lenses on the Premier Inks stand at Focus. Would quite fancy the 500mm or 800mm CAT lenses but are they likely to be any good or better/worse than an old Tamron or Oly examples?

11th March 2010, 12:36 PM
I have read some good stuff about the 85mm on the maual focus forum - good bokeh or some such comment, but not that cheap.


11th March 2010, 12:46 PM
Oh yes certainly, an 85mm f1.4 does sound good. Some great shots to be had with this lens, as long as the quality is acceptable.