View Full Version : HELP! 50-500 Focusing Speed too slow

10th March 2010, 05:06 PM
Hi friends,

i had got my E-30 and 50-500 from bhphotovideo, US.
the lens came with a broken focusing Barrel and now after long painful wait of around 7 months and spending around 350$s extra, i got the lens back serviced from Japan.

now i am seeing that the focusing is very slow at tele end (Say @ 300-500)
i would like to know the first hand experience of people here about the combination.

Sigma Japan, had changed the focusing barrel & I am not sure whether its the reason for the unimaginably slow focusing speed.

Olympus advertises E-3 as one of the fastest focusing cam and I think E-30 have a similar AF module.

I have to manually assist focus @ 500 and after that it slowly focus. flight shots, i can only dream of.

Please let me know your experiance before, i send it back to Sigma, US.

thanks in advance,

10th March 2010, 05:30 PM
If there is a lot of light and if the object that I am trying to photograph has good contrast, then the Bigma can focus fairly quickly on my E510 and E30. However I find that it can hunt quite a bit at the 400mm+ which will slow down focusing.

When compared to the 50-200 SWD it is always feels slower.