View Full Version : PL25mm f1.4 or Zuiko 14-35mm f2?

2nd March 2010, 05:40 PM

I'm contemplating a new lens at the moment mainly for portrait but some outdoor duties too (close in sport such as mountain biking). I'm currently using the 12-60 for these duties but am looking at faster lenses.

The PL25mm has shot up in price (RRP 900) meaning that I would consider splashing out on a 14-35 and bypass the 25mm.

My question really relates to the DOF of both. Am I going to notice a big difference between the lenses? The other main difference for is the size/weight but I'm not too concerned about that.

Anyone got experience of both? What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.


3rd March 2010, 08:32 AM
The 25mm is a bit too short for portraits, but it does give a 'natural' field of view. The 35mm @f2 has about the same DOF as the 25mm @f1.4 (it's like the 25mm with a 1.4x TC on it).