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18th February 2010, 06:42 PM
I am looking for a lens to shoot in low light and have been looking at the following and would welcome any comments.

Olympus OM 50mm 1.4 (manual use only)
Sigma 30mm 1.4
Panasonic/leica 25m 1.4

18th February 2010, 07:32 PM
I have several 50mm f1.4 manual lenses and they are all soft wide open due to coma...which lens to go for depends on what you are wanting to photograph

18th February 2010, 07:35 PM
You would not go wrong with the 50mm f2 ZD. F2 is really pleenty fast enough for most subjects especially if you have IS or a decent tripod. It is also the sharpest lens in my Lowepro bag!

18th February 2010, 07:42 PM
Gareth, while you may find the Sigma useful, I have a couple of comments regarding the OM 50 and (surprise) the ZD 14-54 f2.8 - 3.5 lenses (or the ZD 12 - 60mm lens for that matter).

I presently shoot a lot of low light commercially for real estate images using my ZD14 - 54mm lens. It works quite well under most low light circumstances (especially when shooting RAW). The trick here is to set your ISO to 100, then, using Aperture, focus upon your target area, setting the exposure to suit it best, to the exclusion of everything else. Then, "develop" the image in Photoshop. At that time you can increase or decrease the exposure + or - 2 EV. This will give you the final exposure value you seek. Works pretty much every time.

I also have an OM 50 f1.8. It works very well for low light - especially when applying the same RAW developing technique as above. It is much more fussy than using the ZD 14 - 54mm lens, but can provide a sharper picture. If you have one, give the abovementioned technique a try with it.

Hope this helps. Cheers!