View Full Version : Keep your batteries in your pocket in winter !!!

2nd February 2010, 10:11 PM
I have to admit to my eternal shame I went out with the proverbial "kitchen sink" full of equipment to photograph a memorial this week. Having gone out in the and taken a few shots outside in the bitter cold my BLM-1 gave up the ghost.

No problem or so I thought, just get a spare from my bag. Despite spending the previous night packing my bag with everything, not a spare battery to be seen. Sense of humor failure is the next thing on the agenda! Just before I pack up and drive all the way home to sulk, I thought I would try the old trick of warming the battery in my pocket.

A few minutes later I am back up and running and manage to shoot approx 80 shots repeating the technique every time the battery gets cold and dies.

Phew, a happy photographer returns home, mission accomplished except for a having a backache from carrying around all the equipment I did not need!!



PS Don't out you battery in your pocket if you have a pocketful of coins or keys otherwise you might just end up with a hot pocket rather than a warm battery!!