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3rd February 2008, 12:47 PM

I've just got a general question about off the camera use of flashguns. I own an E-1 and the FL-36. I also got an old (more than 20yrs) "Osram B18/2" flash gun.
The Osram is quite small and I was wondering if could use that as a secondary flash unit wired to the camera via the flash cable socket?
I just want to play around a bit and am not sure if I could actually damage the camera by doing this (I have read elsewhere that the wrong voltage of the connected flash unit could overcharge the internal camera electronics!?).

So, I would have the FL36 mounted to the camera's hot shoe and the Osram flash connected to the camera by a wire a couple of meters long. Would this setup work? Thinking of makro/portrait photography...

Any info will be appreciated.

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3rd February 2008, 03:21 PM
You have to be careful with some older flashguns as they have a much higher trigger voltage than newer ones which in turn can damage the camera.

I would suggest that you get yourself a simple slave trigger that way your not restricted by a wire to the second flash and you woun't potentially damage your camera.



3rd February 2008, 05:21 PM
Why not play it safe and get a cheap slave trigger? Or, even better, get two, one for the FL-36 as well. Use the pop-up flash to trigger both.

4th February 2008, 02:36 PM
No pop up flash on an E1 that I've seen! The E1 is good for up to 250v through the socket but best to check the trigger voltage of your unit.

A slave unit is the way to go though. I've heard good things about radio slaves but never taken the plunge - the cheap optical ones work well in most situations.

5th February 2008, 02:20 PM
Sorry, my mistake.

5th February 2008, 09:20 PM

thanks for the advice! I think I will try to find a cheap slave unit, for mounting my old Osram, that I can mount on a tripod, just to give it a try...

As the E-1 doesn't have a built in flash, I would probably need my FL-36 to trigger the slave, right?
Is there any way to just use the slave without the direct flash in this setup? Just thinking about shooting an object with flash lighting from one or two sides, but NOT from the front.
I guess I will have to get a cable then to connect my FL-36 and use this to trigger the slave if required...

Let's see. Anyway, I need to do some shopping to have a play with it.

Many Thanks again


6th February 2008, 09:57 AM
You certainly need a flash connected to the camera to trigger the remote unit optically - but any old one will do especially if you want to use it off camera - the ttl cables aren't cheap. Check the trigger voltage is under 250V, the lower the better, and put it on a long cable to the sync. If you have the fl36 on the camera you can use a black bounce card to direct it's flash so that it triggers the remote units without affecting the subject.
If you have a bit to spend you'll find life a lot easier with radio slaves or even an infra red trigger. Depends on what your shooting.

6th February 2008, 01:13 PM
It maybe (not tried) that the slave unit will trigger with an Infra red pulse you can pick up IR triggers that fit on the hot shoe and fire studio flashes, guess it could work with a slave on a camera flash!

Check out www.speedgraphic.co.uk lots of goodies there even if not much for Oly users directly


Glyn R
6th February 2008, 07:18 PM
I have tried optical slaves with my FL-36 off camera using the E-330 built in flash as a trigger. The FL-36 does not trigger lots of optical slaves. I think it because they take their power from the flash and FL-36 is only 3 volts. I bought one on ebay which didn't work. I then went to the local camera shop and tried a Hama unit which also didn't work. So be careful what you use off camera as trigger.