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4th December 2009, 11:09 AM
Over the last 2 years that I have had the 510 I keep sticking my toe into the EC pond.
Everyone seems to say it's the thing to do as if it's some MAGIC solution to get correct exposure.

As I see it the camera sees the subject and you intefer and move the setting either one way or the other.This can be done by tiny or large amounts.

THICKO TIME.......How is this achieved.
If I was say following a bird on AP do I get a reading and think I will try EC and then press the +/_ button and turn the control the way I want.....then what,does the camera remember all this and expose either under or over when I eventually press the shutter...........
OR........is there a way to set the camera and SAVE this so I can bang off loads of shots in a session.

I had a fiddle about with it all, while waiting for the wife to come out of the doctors yesterday,so under lab conditions......and tried it on AP and saw the F stop was moving up /down and obviously the shots were lighter/darker accordingly.

All this can be achieved on manual by just altering the F stop and speed BUT not to such a fine degree as It does not activate on manual.

Anyone got a view on this.
KEITH *chr

4th December 2009, 11:32 AM
EC is for three main reasons

1. you know the subject is either lighter or darker than the camera will assume it should be - classic examples are snow scenes and dusk/nighttime shooting.
2. the subject you want to be exposed accurately is not what the camera is metering - so you compensate (or change you metering mode!)
3. you are aiming for a particular look and wish to under or overexpose

As you say you can either use an auto mode such as aperture priority and add + or - EC, or shootin in M mode and do exactly the same by selecting settings that deliver a + or - against your metering. They are equally fine tuned. The former is much easier to use where the lighting conditions are changing but the relationship between metered and required exposure remains constant - you just dial in the EV adjustment and leave it running.