View Full Version : Clarification of paid for days

1st December 2009, 08:56 AM
Please remember that the hire period you're purchasing is for full days of use, and does not include the two days of shipping either side of the the booked period. In other words you pay for, for example, 7 days of use and we allow 11 days in total. 7 days hire means 7 full days of use :)

So for a 7 day hire, if you book for an item to arrive on a Wednesday, we will send it on the Tuesday, you get to use it for 7 days from Thursday through to the following Wednesday, inclusive, and then you send the lens back to us on the Thursday, and we receive it back on the Friday, but the agreement is for 7 days of hire.

If hire includes weekends, however, these days must form part of the paid 'full use' days. In other words, if your item arrives on a Wednesday for a minimum three day hire, the full use days will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but as the item needs to be returned the following day (which would be Sunday) for receipt back by us on the day after (Monday in this case), it's more than likely that an extra day would be required in order for shipping back on the Monday, arriving Tuesday, so four chargeable days would be incurred.

Of course if you can get the lens back to us on the second day after the last paid for hire day, by personally delivering it back, for example, that's fine.

We can get an item to you for morning delivery on a Saturday, but this costs more (see the price list here:

Any questions, please just ask!