View Full Version : Has anybody used Eye-Fi (with CF adapter) with Olympus E-system DSLRs?

14th November 2009, 09:43 AM
Hi all,

OK, I know that officially there is no support for E-system DSLRs owing to the fact that they use CF not SDHC.

However, there are some CF adapters which supposedly get round this problem although Eye-Fi (obviously) not supporting this setup.

Eye-Fi wireless transmission of images to a PC is supposed to be quite slow but I can live with that.

I do a lot of stuff indoors so I would like to have a wireless setup, currently not available for E-system cameras. Not sure if this system qualifies as tethering but the end result is very similar...

Has anybody tried this product with a CF adapter and home-wireless router? I'd love to know if it works or not, how long it takes to transmit a single RAW file, that kind of thing...

Please share your experiences!