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31st October 2009, 10:24 PM
Having found this forum I have become more aware of the other E models. Before I was more than happy with my E500 then more recently E510 and did not pay to much attention to what else was out there, be it Oly or another brand.
I can't help noticing the E1 seems to be very attractive price on the S/H market (200-250 for a body)
The E1 appeals to me in that it would appear to be a well built more "basic" camera control wise, with non of these preset shooting modes etc. that I don't use and being a "Pro" camera it has a degree of water resistance (with the pro lens) and should be quite rugged with it's metal body. Everything I would need from a camera indeed.
The one thing I'm not so sure about is, it coming from a few years ago now, with older technology and lower pixel count would it be considered an upgrade to my E510 or more of a down grade. Then again the 510 is now a few years down the line technology wise.

I realise it's quite subjective question as it down to the person behind camera (and I'm no expert but just some who enjoys photography) to get the pictures and not just the camera.

Would the members swap their 510/520 for an older E1?


31st October 2009, 10:53 PM
I don't have an E-510 or E-520 but I do have an E-1. The technology of the newer bodies is definitely superior to that of the E-1 and certainly the noise performance of the E-1 at higher ISOs is nothing to write home about. However, the E-1 at lower ISOs (100) delivers superb shots and is a very solidly built body.

If you just want a more basic camera and you shoot at low ISO values then the E-1 is a superb buy. As you say, the E-1 body can be picked up from 200 and for that money you really can't go wrong. It is becoming a classic camera and I love mine, even though I now use an E-3.


31st October 2009, 10:56 PM
it's not the subjective assessment - it's the needs analysis that counts. ergonomics can be subjective and should therefore be largely ignored as an observation (but be high on the list for the user!)

if you need weatherproof then the E1 is the economical alternative to the E3, none of the others count.

IQ the E1 is superb at base ISO but the 510 (itself a poor relative performer now) is better at 400/800.

the 5mp is the least of the issues with the E1

if the weather is good and the dust is low I take the 30 everytime now - and am open to offers on the 510 as it's not getting any use.

the E1 is without doubt the design classic of the range, and a competent image machine - but unless I needed a weatherproof body and couldn't afford the E3 I wouldn't buy one (and 200-250 is way over the top now; 200 with grip and battery is the top end.)

Glen Bentley
1st November 2009, 10:02 AM
I have both and bought the E1 second hand on this site as a back-up (This I recommend). I enjoy using both as well, especially the finish on the E1

I don't claim that my decision was based on any utilitarian analysis, just curiosity and a desire to have that second body either for carrying an optional lens or in the event of failure of a single camera.

I think it is a tough call between them now - technological advance against the rugged and finesse - at least at my level of photographic excellence or lack of.

If you are able to stand the expense and can get one at a good price inevitably I would say have both - gives you a chance to understand some of the debates about picture/processor quality or question them.

If not I would have stuck with the E510 and saved for an E3 or one of the newer bodies but that doesn't detract from the E1.

Agree that 200-250 is too much, I was fortunate and picked up my E1 body for 150 but no grip (which I have not used and therefore do not miss just carry extra batteries).

Hope this helps.

2nd November 2009, 05:29 PM
I have an e1 and an e510. (Got a very good ebay price on the e1 with 14-54).

I tend to take the e1 because of it being more robust/waterproof.

These days an e1 should be very cheap, but given that 510s are selling around 100 neither of these bodies are very expensive. The lenses however....

2nd November 2009, 09:40 PM
Thanks for the input;)
Interesting on the thoughts of price. The camera that prompted this post was a very good condition E1 with just 1300 shutter releases. This was on an E-bay Buy Now at 245 and I was very tempted. Anyway someone else must have thought it good, as it's now been bought.
Think I will have to keep an eye out for one of these sub 200 bodies.
At my skill (lack of it:eek:) level, as nice as an E3 would be, I don't think I would do the price of it justice:confused: