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Bikie John
28th October 2009, 02:59 PM
Let's start with a confession - my name is John and I'm a lurker.

I'm a long-standing Oly nut and have been learning lots by following the forum over the last year or so. Last December I registered, for the selfish reason that I wanted to ask a question about flashing, but was overtaken by events. A couple of recent topics have tempted me out of the shadows.

I started with Olys with a 35RC rangefinder in student days in 19mumblemumble. Had a play with one of the very early OM-1's and fell in love with it, finally saved up enough for an OM-1n kit in 1978. Been with Olys, film and digital, little and large, pretty much ever since. There have been a few diversions, but with one exception I've come back to The True Path - and each time it has felt like coming home so I guess I must be in the right place.

I don't like taking portraits and I'm rubbish at them. This isn't cause and effect, because I quite like taking landcapes and they are rubbish as well. The bit I seem to be best at is people doing stuff. I had a go at some rugby a long time ago and am still at it. Now I shoot for our local club and feed the results to the local rag. The club's photo gallery for the seniors is on http://www.salisburyrfc.org/index_files/gallerymen.html - all the action shots there are mine, shot on E-1 and E-3 with a variety of lenses. So if one of the monthly competitions gives an excuse for a rugby shot and you see some green & white jerseys you might guess who the entry is from :)

A few years ago I got into photographing live bands. There is a good pub 5 mnutes walk from home that does excellent beer and puts on regular live music. Snapping it is very challenging as the light is poor, and I've never really made SLRs work for it. I got a used old non-Oly rangfinder a while back and found it suited the job perfectly, with small fast lenses and no SLR mirror flopping around to cause shake and disturb the audience, so I've stuck with it for that kind of work. At big venues with proper stage lighting, the E-3 comes out.

I've learnt lots from the friendly and helpful people here and hope to continue, as well as chipping in with an occasional answer when I have one.

In velo veritas ... John

28th October 2009, 03:02 PM
Welcome John, from another John! :)

Glad we've tempted you out of the shadows, and also glad you've found some useful information from looking on here too.

Don't disappear into the shadows again, you're very welcome - and we are all here to learn and have fun! I regularly take rugby shots too - of my daughters games. She recently had her debut for the Gwent Dragons U15's team, appearing up in North Wales where they won 19-25. I am hoping she has secured her place for this weekends home game on Sunday against the Scarlets. I'll hopefully be there taking more shots if she is.

Don't be afraid to post some of yours, I am certain they are better than you think they are.

Bikie John
28th October 2009, 03:25 PM
Thanks John. I had seen your photos and read about your daughter, it sounds as though she is doing really well. I hope she can keep the momentum going, you must be very proud of her. I generally stick to the seniors because they play at a sensible time - the juniors tend to play on Sunday mornings, and being a single bloke that is not really part of my week!

The club hosted its annual Mini-rugby festival a couple of Sundays back and they persuaded me out from under the duvet - my pics are on http://www.salisburyrfc.org/index_files/photos_mini.html - scroll down to "Salisbury Mini Rugby Festival, 18th. October 2009" near the bottom. 800 of the little darlings all at once was a bit traumatic. One of the visiting clubs was Bridgend - my goodness, do they ever take it seriously. Somebody told me that their under-9s train two evenings a week. Anyone would think rugby was a big thing in Wales *yes

Ciao ... John

28th October 2009, 03:27 PM
Welcome John! I just had a look through your rugby pictures which are very good! *yes I hope that you start joining in on the forum as your thoughts would be valued. ;)

Bikie John
28th October 2009, 04:18 PM
Thanks for the welcome Edward. I promise to try to contribute a bit more - the problem is finding the time. The days seem to get shorter as the years go by. I'm sat at home with a gruesome cold today, hence having a bit more time to dabble.

Ciao ... John