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23rd January 2008, 03:48 PM
Good afternoon all,

Thought I'd start a thread that could maybe be used as reference for user looking for good photography books.

If we all add a book to this thread it could become a good resource?

Anyways I start with the book I'm reading at the moment. Its not aimed at DSLR but is aimed at SLR cameras and I'm enjoying it.

How to Photograph in Natural Light George Schaub
So far it a good book, its set in 6 parts with each part broken down as follows.
Part 1 Natural light
Prime source, light defined, atmospheric influences, point of view, power of relfections, shadows, contrast

Part 2 Weather Conditions and natural light
Pollution, aerial perspective, fog, overcast sky, snow, clouds and stormy weather

Part 3 Seeing Colour
Colour vision, color relantionships

Part 4 The eye and film
How film records, b&w film, contrast

Part 5 Light Metering
Tonal range, exposure metering, exposure biasing, spot and evaluative metering options, exposure compensation, exposure bracketing, influencing light with selective focus, working with filters

Part 6 Diary

Couldn't think where to post this so just posted in here, Mods please feel free to move if need be.


23rd January 2008, 06:32 PM
For beginners I like Scott Kelby's

The Digital Photography book
(main sections on: flowers, weddings, landscape, sports, people, avoiding problems, advantages of digital, travel, printing)


The Digital Photography book vol 2
(main sections on: flash, building a studio, more on portraits, landscape, weddings and travel, macro, pro tips)

They contain lots of useful tips, and are ideal for beginners or anybody looking to branch out into different areas of photography