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23rd January 2008, 09:15 AM
The M25 walks in his local bar. As he walks in all the other motorways look towards the ground and try not to make eye contact.

The M25 looks around proudly and then goes up to the bar.
"Give me a pint", the barman obliges.

The M25 looks around again and every motorway and road in the bar ducks or hides.

"Why's everyone so scared of you" asks the barman.

The M25 replies "I'm the M25, I got 4 lanes going this way, 4 lanes going that way and a big central reservation, I AM the hardest motorway in this country".

Just then a browny red piece of tarmac walks in.
The M25 ducks under a table as the tarmac walks up to the bar.

The browny red piece of tarmac looks around and shouts at the M1 "Have you seen the M25?" The M1 looks to the floor and shakes his head.

"Oi 6 have you seen him?" Asks the Tarmac. The M6 shakes his head terrified.

The Browny Red piece of Tarmac turns to the barman.
"If you see that M25, tell him I'm looking for him", he then walks out.

Once the tarmac had left, the M25 gets out from under the table.

"What's all that about?" asks the bar man." thought you were the toughest motorway in Britain".

"I am" said the M25.

"But him, he's a ruddy cycle path"

23rd January 2008, 01:39 PM
:) didn't see that line coming.

23rd January 2008, 04:08 PM
also didn't see that coming, nice one :D